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"How To Respond With Compassion When Someone's Depressed"


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Thanks to Luna's quote in her "signature" here, I've "discovered" Terri Cheney (the author of Manic: A Memoir and The Dark Side of Innocence: Growing Up Bipolar) and her articles in Psychology Today. She has bipolar disorder, so maybe I should post this in a different forum, but I'd like to point out to this article about "how to respond when somebody you know is in depression":


A quote:

For all of you who may be doing too much or too little, let me tell you what's worked for me:

1) A quick check-in message on my voicemail: "I love you. This will pass." Or,

2) A short email message: "I love you. This will pass."

Anything along those lines would mean the world to me. You're not asking me to do what I can't. You're not arguing with me about how I feel. You're just reminding me that I'm alive, and that it matters to you. Even if it doesn't to me.

So the next time someone's depressed, try it. Don't leave them alone, but let them be. You may just be saving a live.

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