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Is there a reason that you don't want a therapist but don't mind a psychiatrist?

But yeah, I agree: I hope you do get to go to your group, and let them know how you feel about cutting more.

I read the text on your avatar, "I try to hold it all inside." Would it help to tell us why?

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Hello, Fain, welcome!

I wonder what the SI brings to you (relief? punishment? ...). I imagine that you wouldn't do it only to obey the voices, would you?

To which situations is it associated? Does something in particular triggers this urge / the voices?

There are also therapeutic groups for those who self-injure - has you got this possibility? (I mention it only as an info, as a potential possibility, not to somehow diminish the importance of your hearing voices group)

Has there been something helping you to be able to avoid the SI for 3 months? And did something cause the return of this problem? I'm sure there are causes, I just don't know if you're aware of them. Knowing better your triggers could be helpful, together with learning some coping strategies...

Have you already done a research on the web? There are some pages helping with coping with difficult moments differently than by SI...

Take care!

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