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Do i have depression??


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I dont know if this thread will be relevant or if a similar thread has been started. Anyway, Let me begin

Well..its actually a very short um...story..if thats what everyone wants to call it...

When i was 10 i was diagnosed with epilepsy when i passed out(fainted) after someone shone a mirror in my eyes.

I am 17 now and i am tired of this epilepsy. I always seem to forget stuff.. a lot of stuff...well..i don't forget things like forgetting to park the car...but its like the incidents in my life, everyday incidents tend to act as walls for my memory...so if im happy and i put the pen in my pocket and something happens like someone trips or a friend laughs unexpectedly...i forget that the pencil is in my pocket.

I haven't consulted a doctor about this.

That is one of the problems, my other problem is that i feel like i have depression. I did an online test and this is my result.

Major Depression = Very High

Dysthymia = Slight-moderate

Bipolar depression = very high

cyclothymia = high-moderate

Seasonal Affective Disorder = high-moderate

postpartum depression = N/A (im a guy)

*source = depressedtest.com

I dont know what to do. im just sad.....

Right now i am on medication for epilepsy. (TegriTal CR 200(Carbamazepine Extended Release Tablets IP 200 MG)

What should i do. Please just tell me anything..any reply is considarable.

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Heh, well at least you're negative for postpartum ... Being a guy, you'd really be in trouble if you had just given birth. :-)

Does the epilepsy still affect you, in daily life? By that, I mean do you still have seizures? I'm not sure whether forgetfulness or depression could be called direct effects of epilepsy, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't seek help for them.

Even more so because depression is treatable and you're young. Talk to your doctor and see what they say. We can't really do any kind of diagnosis here, but you're welcome to talk about what makes you feel depressed, if you think it'll help.

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well...i get seizures about once in 3-4 monthes which last for around 3 days..anyway...i dont know if i want to tell my parents about my depression(they dnt know yet or at least even of they d know..they dont show that they know)...i dont want them to worry about me..is there any other way to cope with depression on my own?

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Do the doctors consider that kind of seizure frequency to be "well-controlled"? It seems like a major disruption of your life, to me. What does a three-day seizure period look like? Are you immobilized or at least unable to function during that whole period?

You know, I often hear teenagers tell me they don't want their parents to worry. The way I look at it, by the time you're a teenager, there really isn't a lot more your parents can do for you except worry ... ;-) To put it in a more positive way, these are the years where you transition from someone who has to be cared for all the time, to someone who can take care of themselves. But too often, that's interpreted as "someone who never needs any help from anyone", and man, does that make life hard. Every person needs help from others, and family is built on that. It's not that you're ever going to get to a point where you need no help, but that you'll get to a point where you can offer at least as much as you ask for. Parents need help too, after all.

It's perceptive of you to see that they may realize you're depressed but not show that they know. They may not want to embarrass you, or they may not want to be embarrassed if they've misinterpreted. Another transition during the teenage years is from having parents continually asking you if you're okay or if you need anything, to having to ask for what you need. Between adults, you're unlikely to get anything unless you ask for it.

There are techniques that are shown to help with depression that you can try to work with on your own, particularly one called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The basic idea is to try to train yourself to think differently, because one of the most obvious symptoms of depression is distorted thinking. For instance, it's common to think in absolutes, like "Nothing will ever get better", and that's a clear distortion of reality. It's not easy, though, because you're essentially pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. It's a lot easier if you have professional help.

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Thanks for that..i told my parents that i have depression..well not exactly told them..i wrote it in a piece of paper and gave it to them...and they replied differently then i expected..i was thinking that they'd just tell me that it was some teen phase i was going through..but they actually put me for counselling...thanks for the advise...:)

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