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Can latent inhibition be linked with depression?


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Yeah, we're more like fellow patients than doctors, though that's an oversimplification.

Would it help to describe what you experience? I know it's less embarrassing to couch one's reality in jargon (part of why the jargon exists, after all), but that distancing may actually reduce a person's connection to what's wrong and make it harder to do anything about.

My experience of depression is that it definitely reduces the quality of life. Wikipedia's article on "latent inhibition" described it as something we all have (it's harder to train someone or some animal to react to a stimulus that's already familiar.) The thing is, your question doesn't say whether you think depression makes that inhibition higher or lower ... I personally don't know of any research tying depression to a change in conditioning response, but known symptoms such as apathy and anhedonia are probably related to a change in the way we become accustomed to our environment, or the associations we make about our environment ("things are always bad ...")

Anyway. I've been depressed to the point of suicidality myself, so maybe we can talk about it. I can't say I ever tried classical conditioning on myself during that time, however, if only because I was too depressed. ;-)


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