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Hey guys! I'm home for the weekend!


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Baaaaaaaa ... Oh, I thought you said "this means ewe." :-P

Hi Pet. It's good to hear you're okay. Last we heard, you had said you were going to try to get into treatment, but around here, we never know for sure until a person gets out again and comes to tell us, so thanks for letting us know. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all went, when you get the chance.

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Hello, O.!!! What a wonderful surprise!

I'm sorry I missed this thread yesterday. I'm not often here now, as this month, my mom is here for a visit so I'm much "busier" and not often on-line. I'm now (much more) "a tourist" here and it's nice (just the weather started to be a bit unpleasant these days).

I hope so much that you're better after the 3 months of treatment and mainly that it will get even much better in a near future!!! I'm thinking of you quite often and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

I also hope you've got a nice leave...

Good luck and take care!!!

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Hey Pet person (is it Olivia?) - glad you're back, honestly was worrying about you a bit since you posted about being suicidal and not being able to get in hospital and then we didn't hear from you in a while. I hope the treatment is helping you.

I am doing well, actually fantastic compared to where I was at a few months ago. Things are on an upward trend and although sometimes I fall back down into the dumps I come out better each time. More details in my blog here.

Please take care of yourself. You can help others in the future when you come out of this with mastery over your symptoms. I wish you the best.

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