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penis help?

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Right..........because just talking about the subject won't help right? I have to pay for it. This smells fishy when they go with same principle as male enhancements products. Make men feel uncomfortable and worried about their penis and then offer some sort of "cure", which they have to pay for.

I just want to talk about the subject to real people (but on the Internet) and that's why I showed up here, but sometimes it just feels hopeless when you get the feeling that some people on the forum are just trolls.

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Headstrong Coaching provides you with your own impartial coach ready to listen and support, enabling you to cope and manage related anxieties in a confidential anonymous environment. A safe place to share your story. Your Headstrong Coach values that you have achieved many successes in your life and understands your desire to have a sex life which reflects/parallels your success.

oh wow is that stupid

not being the negative dick here, I welcome every try to make men feel better about this, but this site is a fine example for people exploiting this whole size issue, just another form of small penis capitalism, with the only difference how laughably bad the idea of a penis coach is.

It's like, people who try to loose weight need a coach, people who try to pick up on their education often need a coach, but how does this make sense the least, how the hell would a penis coach even help? Shit, what can this person say to motivate you except for the usual garbage; "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean" or variations of that tired and useless phrase, "one day you'll find the right girl!"

Seriously, everybody who has issues with his penis size should just seek a therapist, because that's usually the best way to go, and not a waste of money. Even if they fail at solving the problem thorugh talking, they still can prescribe you stuff to make you feel less emotions, and thus pain, which is something I personally can vouch for

Drugs > absolutely goddamn everything

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Hey guys i'm new here. I highly suggest for any guy to consider dating latina and asain girls. American caucasian women are predominantly more likely to complain about a mans penis. Find a nice asain chick.

Hi HSL. Wouldn't it matter more where she was brought up, as opposed to her nationality? A full blooded asain lady who's been born and raised here has been 'americanized' about size, No? And a caucasian woman who was born and raised overseas might have a totally different viewpoint on the size issue.

Perhaps it's not as much their ethnicity as just where they were raised?


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