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feeling so low right now its shocking


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Hello there people, I'm not very big well known or a "big name" around here I'm more of the silent invisible in life as a whole really not just on here

Well where should we start ..

Ok let's start by true story of day that has made me feeling pretty low

well day started off pretty well got to see my little 6week old niece and it always makes me smile while she looks up into my face with my long spiked up hair with her big around bright blues eyes pulling some old mouthed face staring at me like she is saying wow oh my days!!!!! Who is this freak staring at meeeeeee!!!! Why are you staring at meeeeee!!!!! Awwwww but she is sooo cute

So the rest of the day was going pretty well chilling out watching the tv shows the community lol don't judge I find it funny

So there I am chatting away to my mum and mums friend about random rubbish like all the buses in my area being axed and not good for the local pensioners and then low and behold a friend knocks on the door that I haven't seen in over a good few long months didn't even get a bday message on facebook and has his family are away on holiday and he works as a remove man I am convinced this was only done to get a free meal (I did end up buying a meal) so let's start

Well friend then goes on for ages about all the hot girls he has pulled while being a removal man and goes on to show me the photos to prove who he has "pulled" and goes on about rating them how some girls he met are totally nutters thinking there deeply in love with him on the 1st date .his guy is great looking works out eats well looks amazing and is hung like a donkey I have been out with him in town and he just floops it out and girls drunk girls cross the stress just to cock a feel .. and so he goes on about how he pulls these girls in what night clubs around the country and talks about girls he has met on dating sites that he loves the rush of rushing them off there feet dating them banging them and then just out of the blue stops texting them as he is bored and talks about the lads holiday he has had in portugal al the girls the drinking and the sex games again pics to prove it

Then so we order some food from a take away 2 chicken wraps meal deals and oh yes great the driver that is on tonight is the very guy that beats his girlfriend black and blue (her mum is my mums good friend) and has told her mum many times the only way your daughter is leaving me is in a box so wow great hey so I look into his cold dark souless eyes and take my food a nasty bit of work that always seems to be sporting a plaster cast as he has broken another bone smashing up the house or smashing in her face her mum lifes around the back from me and can sometimes hear the raws after she has ran to her mothers and he is looking her for

And so we settle down to watch a movie that has like so many movies has nowadays love scenes in them

So my Hell for today

Holding and laughing and smiling with a baby knowing il never have one myself

Hearing my friend go on about oh look at this piggy had a joke with friends pull the most fattest girl in the night club oh yeah check this one out great shag but completely nuts

The junk food delivery driver that beats his girlfriend black and bloody blue

And the many love scenes in the movie

Knowing that all the dicks on this earth gets all the chicks even tho they treat like crap and as a small guy like myself I just get laughed at and knowing I get laughed at like I am such a freak

So sad to see so Many small guys or "nice guys" thrown into the friend zone while total jerks get to pull so many girls that just end up being treated like shit its pure Hell having to sit and watch as guys treat girls like crap and being small I just get laughed at and there's nothing I can do about it

So my pure Hell of a day having all this rubbed into my face I have a big dick I can treat girls like crap and they come back for more but because I'm small I am straight away thrown on to the rubbish tip

(When I say come back for more my mate has pulled girls messed them around not texted them for weeks and yet they still jump into his bed if he says jump they shout how high he doesn't even have to try and girls swamp him like flies around shit a wink and a smile in a coffee shop gets a number buys a girl a drink in a night club or floops his manhood out in the streets of a weekend and girls are begging and they are all blind he can treat them like total crap and they still don't care its shocking how he picks up girls on dating sites leads them on loves the buzz of the chase met them for coffee and bang he sleeps with them .. his guy even bought a large 4x4 he calls his love truck that he only uses to meet chicks in to bang them in the back he has stuck a bed in the back and girls are begging to jump in the back and he has a car for work so sad that "nice guys" small guys are laughed at friend zoned but guys like this can have so many girls each week .. its sickenings me that he can has and willing to drive 200miles for a shag can go on a intimate encounters site and find a girl the same night and I can't get a girl to look twice at me

Well little rant is over ... So sad girls are willing to be used and treated like crap by hung guys but will not look twice at a small guy

Well little rant over and out

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Good rant new guy. I would lose that guy as a friend, i think he enjoys hurting you. I do not disagree w anything you say but would add that from what I have seen women go for tough macho confident types & I have known some of those guys who were average size at best but the ones that are hung really clean up.

Women judge us like farmers judge livestock at an auction so all any of us can is to try to be the best man you can be by whatever means are available to you - look your best, earn your best, hone your seduction skills and see what you can get. Start w ugly low self esteem women & work your way up.

As for penis size I do not know if those stretcher things work or not. I do jelqing & may have added 1/8 of an inch but not certain. Hard erections, good technique, long lasting sex matter too, not just size. Women like compliments and to be treated respectfully and gently but want to surrender to a confident competent man who can be in control.

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Maybe I am what you catergorise as ''an ugly low self esteemed woman'', simply because I fell for a man with, what society would regrad as a 'small penis!!'........ Or maybe I am a 'hot' chick, and fell for a man with a 'small' dick... But I must have stuffed up, because if society was correct then I should have fallen for a man with a big one....

By leaving externals out of the equation, you wont use other peoples opinions to determine if you are going to have a good time or not.

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Hey dude

I have been friends with that guy since the age of about 5 and he has no idea I am small as how could I ever tell someone face to face friend or no friend its heartbreaking his older brother talks about being small at 6inches and how girls laugh at him and we all joke along but deep down I just wanna scream out wish I was 6inches I am like mircpenis I am sometimes to disgusted to even "jack off" sometimes .. my friend is just a normal 25yr that is porn star large and is enjoying himself can you blame him would you do the same if you could bed any women you want

Don't get me wrong I have been with girls but its just to awkward there comes a point where yours just 2 small to have sex hearing a girl say are you in yet in a killer to have girls laugh and walk out or even had a girl that posted my manhood pic as a profile pic and left it up for 2weeks so I have been treated like the worst kind of crap you can believe .. I have tried speed dating online dating blind dates pulling girls in clubs ect everything nothing works even take it slow and date for ages before we even get down to it and to believe a person deadly loves you to just walk out over my small is a killer this has messed my life up so badly

From being fit young 18yr at college clubbing with friends pulling chicks to planning on going to oz for a working holiday to have so many bad luck with girls in such a short amount of time has now left me over weight really fat house bound only go out a few times a year for the last well last 6yrs maybe longer to even thinking what's the point in trying to date or chat up girls I am only going to get get laughed at its like a vicious circle .. I hate going out as I feel like its all being rubbed into my face!! I know have my younger sisters baby in the family so mother is going baby mad and wants more babies in the family as she is coming close to 60 and still wants to be young enough to be a granny so she has started trying to hook me up with different girls ..... My life is Hell ... So many people talk about wish I was bigger to shag around I wish I was bigger so I can stand up to pee as believe me sitting down to pee don't make you feel like a man at all

Maybe I was just born a freak and nothing I can do about it but its so hard living in a world where it is highly sexual bloody kids are becoming highly sexual at a a lot younger age to where every you go papers tv movies outside you will always have this feeling sex ect is being rubbed into my bloody face just can't get away from it at allll!!!!!!!

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Well your friend may not know your dick size but he must know you are not having luck w the ladies so I still think it inconsiderate to brag & show pictures but that's just me, I feel bad for people & that makes me a loser in this world.

My advise would be to get really good at something & make money & then either find a girl that is ok w it or just go to prostitutes. I went to one 2 weeks ago she was 41 years old and I really enjoyed it. Hey man - I'm just sharing here; I wish you well.

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hey dude

Well Maybe sadly my down fall is I have needs for female contact just as much as anyone else and I do use online dating sites and do tell my mate I have been meeting up with some of them that's not a lie I do meet up with them but maybe I am from a different world than others as I just feel so out of place lol most of the time its a weird long story but they seem to be more addicted to facebook than anything else

Sadly sadly sadly I don't know maybe to scared to go to a hooker but maybe I should try

And another thing that's another sad thing I have to put up with money oh money oh money how we need you but oh sadly that girls wanna get there hands on it its sad really as I went to a private dyslexic school and so not really short of money but then it kicks in that chicks only dig you for money starting setting your mind off when a girl met online dating sites wants to get married after only a coffee once ... So its a mix of being scared to settle down to scared to have sex after all the awkward sessions like being laughed at and having online nutters wanting money damn I even went out for a coffee with a girl that had a boyfriend and a kid and all she talked about with moving to Ireland to shag up with some rich farmer boy coz his father has "millions" ... So its a mix of paranoia they only wanna stay with me coz of money as other girls has only ever laughed at my tiny dick so it must be the only reason they want to even date me money as bloody come on no girl is gonna willing openly date a guy with a small super skinny mircpenis

girls just wanna use me a girl once told me she wanted to marry me so she could get a house what crap is that like for real .. think its the big exclusive mix of hating my small size not coping with it myself being hurt by girls in the past and being paranoid thinking they only want me coz of money is making me ill

It's mad as my friends are jealous of me but think I stuffer badly from agoraphobia jealous because they never got there cars driving lessons paid for flying lessons a dirty bike at the snap of the fingers a flat for a 18th bed gifted but where have I ended up living in my bedroom at my mothers mostly housebound friends say they would kill to swap places with me with everything I turn down

But I am deadly jealous of them as they have no need to be depressed over a small dick and be paranoid thinking people only want money off me ... I would throw it all away for a bigger penis as it seems a jerk beach bum is happy and gets laid like a fat boy eats cake and all I have is stress bloody stress grandad calls me bloody ass lazy as I don't want to take over his business and he goes on about giving all to a cats home .. as I am just a bag of nerves most of the time even getting a smile from a shop girl kills me inside as I know its her job but I'm never gonna be waking up to that smile in the morning as I'm freakishly small she would only wake up with me if I paid her bags full of money and that's just fake love what's the point to live is human basic needs of settling down can't be had can't live life alone like can I

Money small dick = pain and paranoia agoraphobia depression loneliness housebound (at times) Hell just Hell having happy couples ect on tv movies in the street rubbed in my face not nice not nice at all

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