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I'm going insane!

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Hi everyone, I am very unsatisfied with the size of my penis. Lately, I have been contemplating homicide. I absolutely hate women, and I feel like I have an imperious urge to inflict my pain on other people, particularly women. I am not going to take action on any of these toxic thought forms because I dont want to go to prison. I am 20 years old and I've only had a few girlfriends. I am miserable all the time and I need help. Can anyone help me out? I feel very resentful towards myself and women. I am the perfect example of a pessimist and a cynic. My small penis affects all aspects of my life. I would share some more information about myself but I'm using a stupid smart phone right now. I hate porn!!!!! fuck dude.

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Welcome to the forum, HSL.

It's good that you have self-awareness about your feelings and are expressing yourself. I'm a woman, but you don't know me yet. Maybe it helps to know that not all women are cruel and judging? I'm sorry that you have been hurt.

I hate posting from my phone too. It can be frustrating, I hear you. It's hard and sometimes I press the wrong buttons too.

What do you think will help you to feel less anger and more accepting of yourself? We're here to support you.

Take care.

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Well so far I haven't gotten any complaints from anyone else. I have a tendency to project my insecurities into the future. I worry about not being good enough in the sexual aspect of my life. It seems to me that Mexican and asain.women don't seem to care as much. I remember hooking up with.this Mexican chick, I showed her my penis and she indicated to me she was excited. I think if men were to date foreign women, they would be alot happier. I think that American women are predominantly more likely to be whores only because they are spoiled and their parents let don't consider having any moral values. American white women are also born and raised in this disgusting toxic culture where it's cool to be a goddamn whore.

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