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Was I raped? Is this considered sexual abuse?


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I am so sorry that happened to you. You were assaulted in a horrible way, something no one should have to experience. Remember you are innocent & did nothing to deserve it. Try to heal as much as possible. Find positive & supportive people to be around, maybe take a break from dating you are very young & there is much time for that. Take care.

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Welcome to the community, JuliaJean.

It can be very difficult to hear such strong words, but you were assaulted. No means no. No one should ever touch your body or force you to perform sexual acts against your will. I'm so sorry this happened to you. :( It's good that you are in therapy and getting support for yourself. Do you have supportive family and friends as well?

Take care of yourself, JJ. We are here to listen.

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Guest ChinaDoll

I'm glad you got out of that relationship. Some people experience worse yet still stayed and that caused even more damage. It doesnt matter if it was oral or whatever. The psychological aspect of it is horrible. Now you have to focus more healing. Its good that you can go to a therapist. Support is sure to help speed "recovery" but ultimately you have to believe you are strong enough to get past this. We all know you can and we're here to give you more support though its only through lending our ears and our words.

A big hug to you. I know how scary this is. I want you to always remember that this was never your fault. Be gentle with yourself because you are a person that deserves love and tenderness.

Take care!


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