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small penis killing me

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right where to start first post ive ever done online seen alot of forums an internet posts that are very cruel and have put me in some dark places at times and want to share my problem with people who have this problem or not

first things first im in my late 20's and i have a 4" penis when erect an about 4" girth. im pretty sure when i was 15-16 it was just over 5 so dont know where that went.

my problems started at 14 when i realised it wasnt going to grow i think i spent about a year waking up every morning hoping it would develop thinking i hadnt but that was all me. i didnt have sex till i was 18 an avoided it all costs for a long time. first few women i slept with was a lil older than me and tbh i didnt know at the time but i was terrible in bed i blamed myself and my penis and not to lie my penis didnt help matters but i had no idea what i was doing! i spiralled out of control and on 2 occasions even tho i have never said this to my family tried to overdose on pills and mdma cos it was easy. if it wasnt for my friends doing what they did i wouldnt be here now!

fast forwarding a few year i had my first proper relationship which is where i actually learnt how to have sex properly i say this as i used to think i knew what i was doing but infact i never used to have sex unless i was drunk an would bang as fast an hard as i could for as long as i could. anyway they relationship lasted about 2-3 years and she would often say to her friends near the end when we was in a bad situation that she only stayed for the sex cos its amazing anyway we wasnt right for eachother as a relationship and split up

during the relationship even tho i could make her orgasm 99% of times we had sex an on most occasions more than once i had alot of problems mentally an gave my ex alot of grief because of my issue i have seen other posts on here with people blaming everyone else an are in self pitty. i dont blame anyone i dont blame myself and i really really struggle this is what i struggle with, i know i have a small penis but i am frustrated to the point in frenzy that every other guy just about is bigger, what a women actually feels although i can make my gf cum and alot it feels better for her if it is bigger, the problem i have with that is its not the fact it has to be huge or anything its the fact when it comes to penetration i only really stimulate the g spot granted that is good and that is better than stimulating nothing its the fact it doesnt reach the sport that feels great for a woman which is a little further in and gives a woman a diff orgasm when i make my gf cum i can feel her stomach pushing an she pushes my penis out as she is having a gspot orgasm. but the spot just further back than that c spot? feels better than gspot and the sex feels better as its more intense i wore an extension u put on the end its made it about 5.5-6 inches long and she had an amazing orgasm she was heavy breathing and it doesnt push me out they felt a more intense connection and this was making love it was a fantastic feeling. but it is not me and i dont feel inside her so its not a solution and it frustrates me as pretty much any other guy can go far enough in to get to that point i know an even bigger penis could do more and sometimes not but dont want to go into that i just want to be normal tbh with you.

i am in a relationship at the min but ill be honest this is making it hell. im not a bad person i say some nasty stuff sometimes cos i cant deal with this any more i think about it constantly i go over everything i have a new question everyday and everytime we have sex. if i ask a question an dont get an answer or i feel its not been answered honestly it drives me insane i get headaches i cant think im angry upset and i cant sit still i started drinking in excess now not everyday maybe once a week or longer just when i do i dont stop drink myself into destruction i do things on impulse like gambling and stuff i never used to be

when i was younger at school i was the happiest kid on planet i made everyone laugh at school i could talk to anyone i loved my childhoood it was brilliant. first few years wasnt too bad still make anyone laugh when i go out even tho i am a stocky ish guy but have a bit of a belly but never had a problem with women. but im not the man i was my overall frustration and depression is killing me my life is not what it was and gf isnt treated how she should be i think about this all day everyday i have taken anti depressants an they dont help and they are a short term fix you should be able to come off them after 6 month to 12 but whn i stop having them i go deeper in depression cos everytime i have sex i feel the same i have a really high sex drive if ive not masterbated or had sex for 3days to a week i start having wet dreams

from what other people post saying to other people saying try not have sex with someone early make them love u before. i can see why they say that but dont think it should be the way. you should be with someone or want to because you have a spark and things going for an now adays people have sex after a few days i think people should be confiddent in themselves and learn how to have sex you can make most women orgasm in some way and have relationships even if you have a small penis, if the woman dumps you then your not right for a relationship together and keep trying not with anyone with people you have feelings for eventually u will find someone that you actually like and they like you that wont dump you for it, but treat them right from there. from what i have read tonight on comments off a web page if there are women out there reading an share the view of your bf has a 4" penis it does nothing or its tiny or u find it funny or u fake it he cant help it but dont stay with the man thats just wrong

for all the women that put their little fingers in air just dont do it and dont mke fun of these guys we cant help our manhood and trust me for how shit i feel an the fact i deemed it nessacary to take my own life before its really not funny. if i had £6-7 thousand quid id have surgery tomorrow i used to say an seen other guys say i would but its dangerous and all that. i genuinly would do it tomoz because i dont feel worthless i dont feel like im ugly or a complete bind to be near my life would be fantastic im not bothered about havin a massive dong i just want to be average 6", so really dont make the jokes cos i cant do anything about it other people cant and on a daily basis it comes up its in loads of music songs there a joke in just about every film and everytime people poke fun at peoples even tho its not at me directly i just hit rock bottom its not even funny

women dont understand cos they arent in our position its like men going out asking the width of a vagina then telling his mates then if you happend to be a larger width vagina and started to get dumped regularly you would get down an really down. tbh men just dont do this to women and we dont care as long as we can both have an orgasm from it. people saying people with a small penis should look for a woman who is smaller and the opposite i dont belive this cos i think we should be finding lovers and partners because of them an who they are not there genitals sex is a big part and i think for a good relationship you both have to be able to please eachother

anyway im probably losing track and not wording things how i want i started this blog off after i had just text my gf after another row an this row has come from me an has been going for about 3 days and has ended with me seending this a few hours ago now

"u know what i dont hit that spot its not good enough there is no point cos its always 2nd best for you its not good enough and that spot feels too much better than what i touch so im not going to bother anymore i wouldnt mind if it didnt make a difference but it does and you like it too much for me to be not bothered and you know any other man can hit that and i cant im really sorry im going to be on my own x"

i hope by me writing this i have helped someone out there it really shouldn't be like this

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if u gave ur gf orgasm why do u doubt urself so much? Obviously you are good at sex most men regardless of their penis size are pretty bad at sex. I had men with different sizes and different ethnic groups and its really not about the size its about how sensual you are and foreplay. If you have or had a gf and she enjoyed having sex with you why didn't you just go with the flow and enjoy it too? it seems that you are thinking about it too much and ruining the experience. does a woman's breast size matter to you so much that you couldn't enjoy sex with her if she was flat chested? Im guessing most men don't care and still enjoy sex regardless of her breast size but there are some that won't have intercourse unless the woman has a certain breast size. I say enjoy sex and it seems like you know what you are doing so just go for it. IF someone judges you over the size of your genitals obvious that person is an ahole and doesn't deserve love. My fiancee has a small one but best sex i ever had and love to do it with him. Unfortunately his insecurities are not letting him be too intimate with me and are ruining things sexually. Dont let that happen to you be happy and enjoy what you have.

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your girlfriend wouldn't be with you if she had a problem that big of a problem with it. i'm a girl and i can honestly tell you that if i cared about my boyfriend enough, his size wouldn't matter. that's not what makes you choose whether you or not you spend the rest of your life with someone. it's no more than an evolutionary tool given to you to help you produce offspring; if you can do that, then you're good. honestly no one has a problem with it but you. it's an insecurity, everyone's got them, but you just have to learn to accept it. but you shouldn't only accept it, you should embrace it. if you can make your girl orgasm, be proud, man. there are millions of guys in this world who could only dream to be in your position and have a girlfriend that they can have sex with. life is what it is, enjoy what you're given.

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The only thing medically that can cause a Penis to shrink other than old age is weight, medically it is impossible for a young mans penis to shrink, it is possible you may be presenting hypogonadic responce if you are under 22 years of age I would suggest you seek a doctor and do not listen to a physical non sense speach about the normal range, size is only important to your psychology and will shape your self image. DEMAND a full hormonal screen and this will determine is youtr levels are normal if not the Testosterone replacement can aid as well as hcg injections have been shown to improve the size ratio of young men with micropenis showed in clinical trial that this actually caused a growth to occur. Micro penis is anything under 2 inches erect. Clear that up as to not give anyone fuel for concern. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3214853/ is a report on the clinical studies done. By the way if you are overweight for every 35 pounds you lsose you gain a 1/2 inch, and at 4" length and circumferance you are in the mean of most men, the truth is one needs to fiond a healthy relationship and if she is hapopy with you as a person and a love interest it means she is into you and you are not the sum of your parts. Advantage to men who are smaller you can do things with your thing that endowed men cannot and that includes techniques lost to others becuase they are just stocking stuffers. Free your mind of concern have obne last talk about it with your gf and accept her response as truth.

I suffered needlessly for years because one womans opionion of my very average penis was smaller than what she wanted and I allowed that criticism to hold me hostage for years. You sound like you have a wonderful reolationship where she is open to you and allowing herself freedom in the vulnerability to experiance an orgasm with you, so don't fixate on it, medically if there is a concern then get it fixed ( meaning if your low t ), and yes that can present in teen years as it did with me, if not corrected the real concern is not your penis its your health. In short take time to love yourself, learn to be as comfortable with you as your gf is and change your focus from phallus to projects that you can control in greater effect in your life.

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I used to think that penis size was a big deal. Yeah being smaller makes some positions harder, but you also probably put in a lot more work than guys with big ones. And you NEVER have to worry about hurting a girl, you can go crazy and hit their gspot faster than any guy with a big one can.

I've been with 10 or so girls and all of them have said I'm amazing in bed and that my skills are golden. Then they call again a couple nights later ;). It's all in your head, if you get discouraged and ask your partner a question or complain about how small you are and what you can or can't do you might turn her off of sex because she'll expect that. Who ever your with just wants you to use it like its the best penis in the world. Trust me being confident in bed puts you in a whole different category.

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