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Well, I've been gone for nearly 4 months. I did not visit this place and I planned to delete my account and erase this place from my daily routine, but here I am again. During these 4 months, I nearly dissociated from this issue and felt normal more or less.

Anyway, now that I'm back, let me just say that I do not approve of your business model. You are essentially capitalizing on the same insecurities that penis enlargement places are. One can argue that many men would appreciate these services, but what happens after the 30 minutes are over? In my case, I'm 25 years old and I've basically hated my penis for the past 10 years. It's unlikely that one free chat with you could possibly remedy ten years of despair. Based on your website, I'd gather your intentions are positive, but ultimately more harmful than good in my personal opinion. Although payign for your advice is no different than paying a therapist for the same service, I do not advocate such a business. I understand times are tough and the economy sucks, but using your past experiences with the lesser endowed to capitalize on the grief/misery of other lesser endowed males isn't right.

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Well, to be fair, TW, we've been having trouble lately with automated spam attempts on the site, which include "like-ing" posts that are currently popular, perhaps to draw the search engine robots to the account's profile page. Many threads with no possible commercial tie-in show the effects of automated "like-ing"; I have no reason to suspect Gabrielle of that sort of manipulation.

I had been in contact with her, negotiating a way for her to offer the services she provides without the site endorsing them directly. Certainly, she has put more work into that contact than any sort of spammer would, just because there are too many easy targets they could be shotgunning in the mean time.

I genuinely don't know if what she proposes to try would help you guys or not, but I don't doubt that she wants to help. She may have jumped the gun on offering her video before I was ready, but I don't put it in the same category as spam. We could debate what sort of treatment might work for you guys, and we share the concern about the possibility of profiteering. But you wouldn't go to a therapist and accuse them of that; they're clearly working to help you and deserve to be paid. The open question is whether the help that Gabrielle might provide would be worth the money, and none of us are in a position to know.

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Hate to tell ya Malign but I think the spam has spread past the site to personal emails. Hope I'm wrong but I've gotten a large amt penis spam since I quit posting. Seeing as I don't have penis and how relentless it's been, it could be an issue as this is the only site I've visited with this type if content.

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That sounds troublesome. :(

Have you deleted your internet history recently? If you haven't, there may be cookies on your computer that offer information about what kind of sites you've been viewing. This could lead to spam mail. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think this may be what is happening.

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Mmm, I'm afraid I used to get penis enhancement spam long before I joined the site. And though I do have one, they didn't check in my pants first.

You know these things usually propagate as an e-mail worm, where one person clicks on something in an e-mail from someone they know, which then infects their computer and uses their address list to send spam to the people they know, and so on. Anyone you've ever exchanged e-mail with could be the source, and it doesn't have to be them who first looked at the spam site.

We'll definitely keep an eye on it, Cece, but for them to get the personal e-mails from the site would require a fairly large-scale break-in, which would be detected hopefully, if only because then everybody would be getting penis spam.

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