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To anyone out there?

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Hello, this is not my first post; but I think it would be appropriate to give myself a proper introduction since I want to become a part of this community. I am 19 years old. As far as everyday life, I just moved in with a friend of mine and I am working two jobs and about to start in business management. I have problems with severe depression, anxiety, psychotic features, and borderline personality disorder. I get these spells of emotions where I am sometimes up and feel pretty good about myself, and then I get really down and the feeling is unbearable. Not sure if that would be bi polar, though I doubt it. I have trouble getting over my past traumas and constantly worry about the people I care about. Family is more important to me than anything in the world. I hate being taken care of. I'm the type of person who likes to try handling things by myself first. That doesn't always work out though. >.<' I'll try not be so serious on here all the time. I really do like to cut up and have a good time. I have a strange sense of humor that you guys will just have to get used to. :P I feel alone. I like having people to talk to. If you want to, add me as a friend. <3

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Sounds like you have it pretty rough right now... are you maybe seeing a therapist? Give this place time to respond sometimes on the internet we want a response right away but it doesn't work that way. I am also 19 :) if you want to talk I am here listening.

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Hello, Pandaxsevenx, welcome :)

I've read also your thread in the "Urgent need" forum... :( I see it's very hard (and unbelievable!!!) when the "professionals" who should help you are so unprofessional and unhelpful :( ...

It's great that you decided to meet some peers on the forums. I hope you'll talk more here about your world and your issues and receive some support...

How have you been lately?

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