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Paedophilia, chemical castration, and various questions and thoughts.


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Yup, and that's down to me, because I haven't written them yet. ;-)

I don't know anything useful about chemical castration, so my answering at all might be a waste of your time. But ... I have talked to a number of people who self-identified as pedophiles (whether they were or not is another question), which at least gives me a perspective, I hope.

First off, I wonder what you hope to gain from chemical castration. I guess it would prevent you from responding when showering with children. But you're not really going to be able to explain yourself any better to family and friends, though you might reduce the risk of them guessing your attractions from your reactions. And I doubt it would touch your fantasies at all, just the physical manifestation. On the other hand, I would guess it would eliminate rather than increase wet dreams, which are the result of the normal arousal and ejaculatory response, just while you're asleep.

So I would guess it would depend which part of your response you wanted to remove. Too, you mentioned that you're not interested in women sexually, but given your preference for boys, it seems relevant to ask about any interest in adult men? The vast majority of your questions are better answered by a medical doctor, and obviously, that's the place to start if you seriously want to begin the process.

Otherwise, I don't think it's bad to be known for calling out bullshitters. It just may not be the life you want ... It's interesting that a self-described nihilist would care about, as opposed to expecting, the world's indifference ... Could that be to some extent part of the protective persona you've cultivated? Most of us want to be loved, in some way. Sex is at most a part of that, not all.

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I would try therapy and see how it goes. I am sure a therapist would know what to say and how to help you. Since you are attracted to males I say maybe try dating young men, I guess 18 or around that age. Here in the USA there are plenty of gay older males that usually date very young men, like a 40 something year old with a 18-21 year old young man. I always wonder if a person that is attracted to children can compensate by dating a young adult that looks very young almost child like... Would this help you or would you be attracted to a person that looks very very young?

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