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Daily Coincidences Cause Paranoia


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I will be talking and, usually later that night, I will hear or see something, such as a word, phrase, concept or idea-usually on television-which relates to (almost exactly) what I talked about earlier; other instances can be inferred or deduced. For example, I would be making references to "Back To The Future" with my brother and later I will notice that movie being played on TV. In another example, I had a bunch of DVDs which practically have all been newly played on TV, as if They were using my collection in their line-up. These "coincidences" happen so often that they cause paranoia. And I refuse to let them become a part of my everyday life without knowing their meaning. I know that I could research to determine the schedule of the sources from which I hear or see them; however, I would still feel without the real truth. These things make me paranoid to the point that I do not know who, or what, to trust. It is very frustrating and makes me feel violated and hinders progress. For example, if I wanted to validate a new idea, I would find it very difficult having the notion of being monitored. The paranoia enslaves me. What is wrong with me and what can I do to help or protect myself?

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Hi rob. I approved this post too because even though there is some overlap with your other one, there are substantial differences.

You seem to be aware that (at least part of) your reaction is paranoid, that is, greater than the situation calls for. I agree that you should seek the meaning of these coincidences, but I think that's true even if you find that they mean that you need help. As you say, paranoia enslaves you, just as effectively as the enslavement you fear from outside.

I certainly don't suggest that you trust me to decide for you. But I think that just by reaching out to us, you've shown that there's at least some part of you that wants someone to help. I hope you'll seek that help.

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