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spiraling out of control


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this is the first time i've used this site. i feel like im drowning, im so ridiculously stressed about work, my relationship, starting school after a 4 year break, relationships with everyone in general, i'm scared im going to lose my job because i am so close to just completely losing it at work. i am my own support system and obviously it's not working out very well... i have weird abandonment issues and my boyfriend is on a cruise for the next week and i won't be able to talk to him. i feel so sick, so tired, all the time. worst migraines. i've hit a brick wall and im scared for myself.

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Welcome to the community, brianna. I'm sorry you are feeling so distressed. :( Are you able to comfort yourself and listen to your needs during these times? I have a difficult time too sometimes with separations. You aren't alone in that. What has helped you in the past with feelings of anxiety? Have you considered speaking with someone about your struggles?

I hope you were able to find a place of peace with yourself today. I also hope you will continue to express yourself here, if it helps.

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