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Hello. I am new to this forum but I need some advice. I am in a relationship, we have been together for 6 months, and everything is going great. However, when it comes to any sexual activity, I get a little worried. I am only 3.5-4", and my girlfriend seems to be ok with this but i put it down to her inexperience as I am her first for anything. We do oral but not sex (she believes in no sex before marriage) and this is what worries me. If we do end up being married and have sex, what if it is a dissapointment to her. Do you think it is worth talking to her about these issues?

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You do "oral but not sex"...so, you talk but don't fuck?

All kidding aside, that's an interesting question. I can imagine your worry, but I tend to think you need not bring it up with her. Firstly, she's happy with what she sees...that's a major advantage right there. I get the impression that she will enjoy intercourse with you, especially if you treat her well.

If you are indeed fat, as your name suggests, I'd recommend doing what you can to get in shape...that will help a lot with the mechanics of sex, her attraction to you, and your overall health.

Good luck...keep making her happy! :)

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