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suffering from fear ? need help .


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there is guy who worked at our home (house cleaning work) . He had bad habits (drinking, and various others) .We removed him from the work . After that he keeps troubling by coming to our home drunk and saying whatever he wants to say . His intention is to disturb others. Earlier he used to respect me . Then one day i fought with this guy (only in quarrel) . Then he threatened me of beating (said in slow voice) . Then he often come to house sometimes calling me . He has fought with every member of family so he tends to disturb everyone .

I fear if he does anything bad . He has no family . These kind of people are psycho . If their mind is unstable they can cause any harm . we cant complain to police because in that case he can become more violent after being released from police station . Since we have not done anything( other people beat him) he will no to anything . But there is a fear . I have OCD and i think a lot there is a continuous train of thoughts in my mind . what can i do to avoid this ? i have to concentrate on lot of other important things ?

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Hello, John. This situation must be very distressful for you and your family. I'm sorry you are going through this. :( I have been harassed myself before and it can really put you on edge. I'm not sure where you are or what the laws are where you live, but it could be helpful to get a restraining order if you feel your safety is in jeopardy. I was advised by the police to continue calling them so they could build a case against the person who was harassing me.

You mention that you have OCD. Maybe try not to give excessive energy to any intrusive thoughts? I understand that can be challenging. Have you ever tried deep breathing and feeling present in the moment? Are you talking with a professional about your difficulties with this? I hope you feel better.

Take care, John.

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