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bipolar 1 psychotic blackouts


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When I reach a psychotic state due to being granted a one instead of a two on the end of my bipolar diagnosis I have a tendency to blackout for brief periods of time. From feedback I've received it is apparent that I am my normal self during these spells but I have no memory of anything I've said or done. My question is are there any ways to prevent blackouts, prepare for them and cope with them?

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Personally, I would take any "lost time" episode seriously. Have you brought these symptoms to the attention of your doctors and/or psychiatrist?

I'm not sure whether they're really a free gift due to having a one instead of a two ... Most people I know who can or who need to dissociate that completely are under considerable pressure of some sort.

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Hello, Paradiso, welcome!

I'm sorry, I have no experience with and knowledge about coping with blackouts, but...

I would also be concerned about this symptom; I think it's not very "safe" to just assume that it's "a normal part of being bipolar 1" (it certainly isn't a usual part, although I don't know how many "BP1" people experience it...), it seems better to me to exclude other possibilities first. That doesn't mean that I would suggest being anxious about it, just being rational and consulting some specialists.

Another thing I would suggest: Can you observe the circumstances when it happens and try to deduce some similarities? I presume you've already started to do this; have you any hints, so far?

Good luck!

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