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I'm in a really bad way right now


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I'm so depressed and so scared and I feel so alone. Things have been really bad for a long time and I just don't see them ever getting better. I'm a musician but, for health reasons, can't do music right now and I can't stand it! I feel empty and like no one in the world cares. I hurt so bad. It seems unbearable. Nobody in my life knows just how bad things are. If they did, I'm afraid they would bolt. But I can't handle this alone anymore! I'm considering telling a friend the truth about how desperate I am, but I'm so scared I could lose the friendship by scaring them away, because who wants to be friends with a basket case?

I feel like there isn't anyone out there who understands. I know that's not true, but where are those understanding people?

Please help me.

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Hello, Moonshine, and welcome to our community. So sorry you are feeling sad and alone. :(

I think reaching out to your family and friends now is a good idea. I hope you can be gentle with yourself. I think we all struggle at different times in our lives, we're all human and sometimes life can be challenging. I know if one of my friends were hurting, I would want to know and be there for them. I hear you that it feels frightening to express your pain to a friend. It's okay to reach out when you need extra support. Asking for help when you need it is one way to take care of your needs. I hope you will reach out and that your friend is supportive. Have you also considered counseling?

We are here too if it helps to express yourself. I'll hold you in my thoughts. Take care.

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Meh. Who in the world has never been a basket case? So, my answer to "who wants to be with" one is: anyone who hopes someone will be there for them, some day.

Maybe the fear says as much as the pain. After all, you're in the same situation, in terms of receiving help from your friends, as you would be if they had already left. It's like making sure you punish yourself before you do something wrong ...

My feeling is that most people would understand, but only if you explain how you feel. They won't be able to guess ... Even if a non-musician might not have had exactly the same experience as you losing your music, most of us have had experience of some loss. A decent person would have little trouble extrapolating.

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