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Okay im about to break this shit down. Im 17, and ive been living with lildickitis my entire life. I found out i had this disease about 3 or 4 years ago thinking i was the shit fucking with a grown woman, until she alerted my compandres to my ailment. I did not take this news well. I always thought i was okay at the SO FUCKING CALLED average , at 6 and a half inches long. At 13 that was my length and the fucking shit has barely gotten to 7 inches. I know what you might be thinking, "oh well his dick isn't small." WELL LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU ALL. Coming from a BLACK, A BLACK community, 7 inches is fucking SMALL, LITTLE OR MINISCULE. Anything below 8 inches is FUCKING BULLSHIT IN A WOMANS EYES, DON'T BELIEVE THE SHIT YOU HEAR,THIS IS FACT. Of course you have your rare breeds, but women who don't PREFER big dicks are a RARITY. But anyway let me describe the symptoms of "lildickitis". You might say "oh that's not a real disease" BUT IT IS, ITS NO DIFFERENT THAN HAVING AIDS, YOU CANT GET ANY PUSSY, NO ONE RESPECTS YOU, BITCHES DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM YOU IF THEY FIND OUT, AND YOU DIE SLOWLY FROM A WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, NOT FROM AIDS BY FROM FUCKING STRESS, WHICH IS A MAJOR SYMPTOM OF LILDICKITIS. Now as go down you get superlildickitis, megalildickitis, and supermegamicrolildickitis. This shit is no joke and ppl are dying from it. When i grew up, i thought god wouldn't give me lildickitis, i couldn't imagine it. BUT GOD DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SHIT, I HAVE MY MOTHER TO BLAME FOR FUCKING A MAN WITH A LITTLE ASS DICK. Imagine being a straight fucking 15 in the face, pure beauty, mr.bitches in the building but can't fuck any of these bad bitches that are fucking SLINGING the pussy at you! Bitches BEGGING TO BE FUCKED, AND YOU CAN'T DO IT FOR FEAR OF WORD GETTING OUT OF YOUR AILMENT. ITS A FUCKING SLAP IN THE DAMN FACE. I don't go out, i rarely talk to anyone, let alone bitches. Let along fucking FRIENDS. Got motherfuckers thinking im fucking gay. Im not and never will be a fucking faggot, and if someone comes to me with that shit imma come clean about this fucking ailment. So ill be posting regularly, lot more to the story. Stay tuned and if you don't believe me go find a black woman so you can get yourself tested for "lildickitis"

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