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I'm a psychopath

Shadow Self

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Hello, Shadow.

I would just make a couple of points:

  • This is a self-diagnosis, from an online survey. Neither source is expected to be very reliable.
  • The statement about treatment that you quoted is similarly unreliable. At best, it's the opinion of the writer.

Let me ask you the opposite question: Do you feel like you have no alternative besides going berserk and becoming a serial killer?

Offhand, I would guess you do have alternatives for at least one reason, which is that you first sought out the assessment site that you found, and then came here to ask about its interpretation. That sounds like someone who wants a different outcome than either berserking or being locked up. And honestly, that attitude would be what I would suggest you take to a professional, if you were willing to try that. I know it would take some trust, and that's probably not easy. We'd be willing to continue to talk about it with you, as well, in case that would be of help to you.

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Maybe you are over thinking things?

A psychopath would not ever feel the need to repent...

People pretend it's what everyone dose, no one wants to be found out for who they are at heart. I think everyone has a darkness in them it's simply their choice to obey it or deny it.

Why did she make you angry? (which is an emotion by the way) Because she talked down to you? (which was out of line, she was being paid she should have just let it go) I don't understand anger very much, hatred is more my language. Why did that make you want to kill her? People imagine killing other people all the time. Well at least I do, not even out of anger I just imagine them dying horribly and it just makes me smile, not following through with it makes you reasonable. It means you are sane still.

No matter how much you wish to deny it you are human, you bleed just like the rest of us; emotions are not the definition of Humans...

Sorry I am reading this is parts and responding in parts so if you get lost I can explain to what I am responding.

You say you sedate yourself, yet you have a problem with being drugged and thrown in a room. What are you doing with your life? Drugging yourself and keeping yourself locked in a room masturbating. If you are so godly why not be that? Make something that will make the world turn it's head towards you, do something that fills up the hole and change the world then and only then you are a god. For example make art masterpieces while painting with your penis make it all in red to resemble blood. You don't have to be what you consider a "monster" you could be what ever you want you don't have to feel anything to make "art", and still satisfy every part of you, you just have to be creative. Perhaps my words will be lost to you, and perhaps your aren't worth my time, but I don't believe anyone on this earth needs saving, they need the opposite of that. Why am I responding you wounder? Because you are interesting... and I can't sleep and have nothing better to do. And worse comes to worse I stoke your ego.

The sleeplessness thing I get that it's like being high, just not sleeping for a few days in a row it feels good and shitty all at the same time.

By the way almost everyone has fucked up ancestors and fucked up lives and childhoods, it doesn't define you. I am living proof of that for sure. I am simply saying don't let it be an excuse if you ever do end up following through with killing someone....

Their is no such thing as a devil, only what you believe to be a devil. Why do you need people to listen to you? Your ego? Psychopaths are usually content on just being inside themselves, and letting their "caged beast" come out and play every once and a while.

Also you may think you have a person figured out but people deep down are not the same as what appears on the out. For example another psychopath should be able to see who you are by your views on the matter, but at the same time and you see other psychopaths around you? I promise they are their in plain site, and you see them as just another human, whether threatening or not...

Want my opinion you are not a psychopath, you are defiantly narcissistic, and maybe a few other things and even have the potential of being a psychopath but you aren't one yet...

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Never said I find you offensive at all, the opposite really. Why would you using people offend me? It doesn't, people are their because they are meant to be used... You are using me right now and I am using you... I don't swag I might be young but I don't get our stupid ass generation.

I do understand why you posted the previous, as you said it's a game it's fun to manipulate the pieces and watch them go spinning... I am simply playing the game.

You don't know me very well so don't assume things.

I never stated you wished for repent did I? I simply stated a fact their isn't a god to repent to anyways. My honesty nothing we do in this world matters people have told me other wise but I have yet to believe them. I want to watch the world burn, but I can't be doing the burning. So No I am not the person you want to talk to for as much as I deny it I care. I am no threat, and I will never be useful to you so our conversation is over.

Have a good day :)

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