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Freshmen football and the vision impaired


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This sounds distressful for you. Is there anything that can be done medically about your vision, sdsurfin? My eyesight without corrective lenses is somewhere in the 20/300 range and I know I would feel lost without them. Without my glasses, big places can actually feel frightening and I sure couldn't drive safely. Not being able to see clearly has to be difficult on you. :( Does your doctor offer any hope?

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Nearsightedness and astigmatisms are fairly common and are often genetic. Nerve issues in your eye might mean something else, though. All 3 of my children wear corrective lenses as well. All of us have 20/20 vision with glasses. So am I understanding correctly that you wear glasses, but you still only see 20/80? Would it be possible for you to see a specialist or ophthalmologist now? Maybe there is something the doctor can do to help? Even if the doctor can't help correct your vision, perhaps having a specific diagnosis would offer you a better understanding of your condition.

Take care.

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