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Low vision and the impact on life


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It's an interesting idea, sd ... But imagine if you sent it and got a bunch of replies along the lines of "Why would we expect our neighbor to wave?"

The point I'm making is that you're assuming that your behavior, based on your poor eyesight, is causing people to think something in particular about you, and you're trying to guess what they think. Maybe they don't notice, or have problems of their own that they're too absorbed in to care about yours.

Did someone ask you in particular why you don't wave to them? I'm guessing not, because you have a perfectly good reason.

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Well, in a way, the guy was reaching out to you by asking ... What did you tell him?

There are places in this country where nobody knows their neighbors, and there are places where everyone knows everyone. It's true that it can be difficult to be different.

If it helps any, I would much rather stay home than go to a party for Halloween, too.

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