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My name is ****** and I'm a alcoholic


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Someone once said to me, alcoholics only stop drinking once they stop hating themselves. For some reason this was the thing that helped me stop, after over a decade binge drinking and my doctor saying I was going to die. Somehow, at that moment it all seemed so simple. Anyway, I have no advice to give you, other than echo Jeep regarding CBT, very useful for trying to live sober.

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The thing is, as a depressant, alcohol actually increases the risk of suicide, as well as all those longer-term effects.

What I wonder is, if you could have the benefits that you feel from drinking, only some other way, would you be willing to try it, whatever that "other way" turned out to be? Maybe if you found an alternate fuel, you'd be more willing to cut the old "fuel line".

One possible way could be some form of therapy?

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