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My life so far - ocd/pocd/anxiety


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hi cj! sounds to me like you're having problems with being obsessive and/or intrusive thoughts, although i'm not a professional so i can't properly diagnose you. i learnt a coping strategy from my pyschologist a few weeks back, and i find it very helpful for when i feel anxious or i'm just overthinking things that have happened in the past, so i will share it for you to try.

works best when your alone, in a quiet, calming enviorment (the beach perhaps). get in a comfortable position that you can stay in for a while without feeling sore.

find a spot to look at and focus on, like a certain tree and try to keep your mind blank. if you find that other thoughts come up, exknowledge the thought, but dont give in to it. set a keyword you can say to yourself to bring you back to being still, this can be any word, even a colour or sound, it's completely up to you. continue to practice this untill you feel more relaxed, then you will count to 10 very slowly in your head. 1, your legs and feet relax, 2, your stomach and chest start to relax, 3, your arms and hands begin to relax, 4, your face relaxes, 5, your start to feel more calm, 6, feeling more and more relaxed, 7, close your eyes and continue to try and keep your as mind blank as possible, 8, your breathing with ease and without force, 9, think of what your safe place would look like, feel like, taste like, and sound like, is it in the rainforest, or on a mountain overlooking a valley, maybe it's on the beach listening to the waves crash in and out? 10, imagine you are now at your safe place. nobodys there but you, you are safe here, nothing can harm you.

now open your eyes, i bet you feel alot more relaxed, don't you? i found it is very effective for when i'm obsessing over things, i hope you do too! i will also link some videos that are similar to this;

also, check out;



hope this helps! :)

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