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How is this thread so popular? ;p

Hi Noni,

How are you feeling? I wanted to reply earlier, but I was in no place to help anyone myself. If you still want to talk, I'm here.

How are things?

It's natural to hate hearing your parents tell you anything at some point in your life, they can't help you - they're the ones who failed to protect you in the first place. Your help lies not in answers but in questions. You'll decide for yourself what you really need/want, you'll only be able to do that once others stop telling you wtf to do.

I'm nothing close to an aspiring therapist and I'm extremely subjective, so perhaps I'm not your best option - depends on what you're looking for, but I'm here, so...

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Hello, Noni, welcome :).

I'm very sorry your post was overlooked for so long :(. It sometimes happens; we are all quite busy... :o

You say you want "help", but also that not a therapist. And what about a psychiatrist? Would that be an option for you? (Maybe now with the new American health insurance system (?)...) Because if you have bipolar disorder or not, that could be best determined by a psychiatrist (self-diagnosis is in most cases wrong, as far as I know...). And he could also offer you some medical help if you really had BPD. Of course, medication is not a solution, just a remedy against some symptoms (but often the only one that can actually alleviate them - BPD can be in many cases well managed with medication (although it takes some time to find the one that actually works and has less serious side effects, as you perhaps already know), so it's probably something worth trying...). That's why another kind of help (= "talk therapy") would be needed also in this case. As far I know, there are some possibilities to get free psychological help in the US (although it probably varies from state to state) - have you tired to find something (a reliable organization offering this kind of services in your area)?

May I ask you how old are you?

I hope that you can find some kind of help here, too. Well, rather support, understanding, interest, new insights, different points of view...

However, for trying to "help" you, we'd need to know more about you and your problems.

Let's start with what you mentioned:

I've been neglecting my own emotions as always

What precisely do you mean by neglecting emotions? You don't "listen to them", you don't show them or you act in contrast with them?

Do you have any idea why that could be? Have you been somehow punished for expressing your emotions as a child? (-It's possible that it was when you were very young and you don't remember, but it still could influence your life a lot.)

I voluntarily forget a lot of information that goes on

This sounds interesting to me. Voluntarily forget? If it's voluntarily, then you can influence it, it's your choice. Could you explain why you chose to do it? With what kind of info?

I can't handle listening to my parents helping me solve my problems even if they are objectively talking because it triggers very unpleasant emotions

"Help" often triggers "very unpleasant emotions", that's a matter of fact. (Probably every one who's been in therapy could testify it.) But maybe your parents can't "dose" their help, maybe they really overwhelm you. In any case, you're lucky that they try to help you and it would be good for all of you to find a way to cooperate. Have you tried to explain them what is it that you can't handle, how do their words make you feel? Not at the moment when it happens, but with a distance (=after some time, when you feel better).

I wish you good luck!

Take care!


How is this thread so popular? ;p

Unfortunately, it's only the spammers (=spamming machines) that clicked on the "like" button - as in most of the threads :(...

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by bpd are you referring to borderline personality? I know a couple people diagnosed with it and lived with one for a year. I also recently learned a little more about what it is. And from what I understand it's really hard on the person who has it. In my mind I feel like this disorder doesn't let you have your own opinions and feelings ideas likes dislikes etc. Which I can relate to. It's amazing to me how messed up our brains can get. And how difficult it is to rewire them to be healthy.

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Smallstar, I'm very glad you've responded! And not only because your post showed to me that I was wrong! Well, yes; now I see it - this is in "Personality issues" and though I'd misunderstood BPD for bipolar disorder! :o Sorry, Noni :(. I was not only late but also nonobservant! But anyway; my welcome, my questions, ... are still valid and apposite :).

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