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Could small penis syndrome be a manifestation of schizophrenia


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I have been hospitalized for paranoid schizophrenia twice. I believed that the human race was splitting into two and that people like me would be separated and forgotten forever and that I needed to do something to stop this. I was also living alone was hostile to intrusion and lived in filth for a year before ending up lost in some airport somewhere and returning home only to be hospitalized immediately. I was given ultra strong medication and since then I have not had any paranoia.

However, now I am concerned totally with the size of my penis. In reality it is 6-6.2 inches long. Around 4.5-4.7 around in the middle and 5.0 at the base. I guess most people with these dimensions would not be thinking about it as much as I do, or maybe they do I don't know.

My concern is whether there could be a simple explanation related to some kind of schizophrenia which is causing this.

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Your are definitely above average.

However, with no sign of schizophrenia, there are many men who feel their penis is small when it isn't.  Men project what they feel as lack of masculinity on their penis.  The penis is a symbol of masculinity.

Perhaps you need to practice small assertive steps in improving your own life.  "Big Societal Issues" can be a substitute for actually attending to your own life.

However, the alleged chemical / organic nature of schizophrenia makes one more susceptible to all manner of irrational / unproductive thinking and obsessing.

Do you take any medicine to minimize these symptoms?


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