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I took some pictures. Apparently, BlogSpot allows adult content and nudity as long as it is marked adult.

I cannot explicitly post the link here.

[information removed] This will help me to explain what I am talking about. Whether my fears are valid, misplaced, or something in between.

There is one particular girl I like and she seems to know that I am insecure about this stuff. Donno what she might think.


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I'm not trying to insult anyone. If I happen to be slightly larger, it doesn't mean that I have no right to feel worried in my own right. I accept I am being a tad bit insensitive, but I am not being offensive. Besides, people here have helped me. Now I just need confirmation that my size is not going to be a disaster.

Or should I live another few years worrying about this. Everywhere I go and whoever I meet.

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

You have access to the same penis size statistics as all of us, and if you want a woman's opinion, this probably isn't the best place.

To be completely honest with you, your stats (length and girth combined) are on the low side of average. Most studies report an average length of around 5.7 inches and 4.8-5.2 inches girth. These stats are also likely skewed low due to low erection quality during measuring, and the actual range is likely higher.

Does this answer your question?

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besides, EternalDarkness, it is hard to take you seriously because .. you advertise for the stupid dick enlargement companies. Everyone knows there is no such thing as dick enlargement. Besides, apart from self esteem issues, dick size has far less importance than is assumed. provided you're not less than 4 inches or something. and yeah, I have asked women too and they seem to think that size will not be a big issue for me, though they are used to slightly bigger. and, really, average girth is likely to be more than 5.2 inches? Then trust me, dude, 80% of the male population is screwed.

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Wirelan, if you would have read my posts you would know that I am not advertising anything. Nowhere did I advocate spending any money.

If you can't handle the truth, don't ask for it. You seem bitter and resentful when confronted with information that you don't want to hear. Virtually every post you have made here is about YOU, and they all seem to include your measurements (or directions to your blog/pictures), and I get the feeling you are fishing for a pat on the back rather than genuine support.

So if you truly believe that penis size isn't as important as we think, and that women have told you that it isn't a big deal, haven't you answered your own question? You seemed very confident about your size in your last post, yet everywhere else you do nothing but seek validation. Again, some people just don't like hearing the cold, hard truth.

My initial response was not intended to offend, merely to provide a no-BS answer to your question. I'm sure if I would have told you what you WANTED to hear, things would be all peaches and cream.

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