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Feeling Other's Anger


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It's interesting that you suppose that you got angry because you had to feel his anger. Can you describe what made you feel and think that way? It would make sense to me in case if you got angry at the same people/company/... he was, not at him. But who knows; maybe it works this way in your case (?)... However; it obviously happened for the first time, so... in any case, I wouldn't make conclusions that "other's anger affect you like this" (you wrote it with "can" - so it's fine ;) ).

When I imagine the situation just from the point of view of an observer, I'd say that you got angry at him because his anger made you feel uncomfortable, because you didn't want to deal with such emotion at the moment and so you reproached him (just unconsciously and emotionally) that he was "bothering"/"disturbing"/... you.

How does this sound to you?

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I also realized that you might have had your own reason to be angry before you met your husband and he triggered it in you, just the emotion, the reason didn't enter your conscious mind.

Oh, well; there may be probably many speculations... but it's up to you to "sort them out" and figure out what makes sense. Or maybe just let it go and if something similar happens again, you might be more observant from the beginning, possibly also regulating more the outcomes...

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