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losing the fight


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Welcome to the community, BC. I'm sorry you are feeling so much stress and anxiety. :(

All of us struggle at times in our lives. It's good to reach out for help and get extra support when you need to. I'm glad that you did.

Anxiety can be difficult to cope with. I have it too sometimes, though much less now than I have in the past. Things can change for the better. Do any activities relax you, such as deep breathing, meditation, or exercise? It helps me feel calm and balanced when I take moments during the day for just myself. I also have found that once I feel more capable of handling different situations, my overall feelings of anxiety have lessened. It also helps to remind myself that every person I interact with is human too and they may also feel insecure at times. So they likely aren't judging me. One place to begin is to practice awareness of your feelings and your self-talk. How do you feel about yourself? How are you treating yourself?

Was the school you took the course in not accredited? I'm not sure what happened, but if anything illegal took place have you considered reporting it? Would it be possible to call the police about the people who are next door?

Take care, and express as much as you need.

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