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is this right?


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as my relationship with my dad slowly turns more and more to shit, tonight my dad, and I and the rest of our family sit down to watch a show that was supposed to record.

it ended up not recording and he was pissed off.

he found the same show to record but just an hour later which i thought made everything ok

i was wrong....

i understand being annoyed but TV to me is not a big worry.

(jokingly) i said, take the stick out of your butt, its not that big of a deal.

he turns to me, with a look of disgust and SCREAMS at me.

I honestly don't know what he said but something along the lines of me being selfish and it is a big deal and that everyone wanted to watch it, yadda yadda yadda

my stepmom decided to chime in and tell me how rude i was...

I feel like his stupid TV show is more important to him than me..

i have never seen him look at me like that before

it was the look of pure hate

maybe it is an accumulation of things I have done, but after that look and him screaming at me all I wanted to do was end everything

there was no point in living if my own dad could look at me like that

I am a fucking burden in his life and i wish i wasn't

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Hi Kaila.

I'm not sure anyone out here could tell for sure who's right in a father/daughter disagreement we didn't witness. Maybe he shouldn't have yelled, but maybe telling him he had a stick up his butt could be seen as a pretty offensive way to suggest that he relax.

Besides, if you look at anyone yelling, it's not a pretty sight. On the other hand, it's not the world's best reason for ending it all either.

It sounds like there's a lot more to the difficulties between you than you've mentioned (even in your other post), and maybe more than the average teenager has with their father. Definitely, your parents shouldn't be putting you and your sister in the middle, the way they are. Given how it's making you feel, have you thought about talking to someone? I know that schools in the States have guidance counselors you can talk to ...

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