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I'm new here. Small already, meds make me even smaller


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Sorry if this has been asked, but my penis is already small (as been told by various women lovers).

I now take adderall and my penis seems to shrink to almost nothing.

I am ashamed. I have not told anyone about this.

Any help or experience?


Hi there, I just did some research on the known range of side effects of Adderall and it doesn't look like penile shrinkage is one of them.

To me it's sounds as if you are suffering from dehydration. Please make sure you drink plenty of water!

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All I know is Adderall is very popular & such an unfortunate side effect would be known by now.

I am shocked that a woman would actually tell a guy his penis is too small. Is that exactly what she said or are you interpreting?

Improving your overall good health is all that can be done to impact the penis so that a maximum erection can be excitedly displayed to a coquettish admirer.

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Does Adderall make your penis shrink?

Known as Adderall Dick, POF Penis or Adderall Weenie is when a male has taken Adderall and his penis has become smaller while on Adderall. It is a common scare amongst guys who are not familiar with the side effects of taking Adderall.

Everything is going fine and dandy with your Adderall experience until about 1 1/2 hours into taking a dose you go to take a piss and you can barely find your dick.

“Oh my God!! Where did my dick go!” “My dick is shrinking!” “What’s happening?!”

It didn’t necessarily go away, but it does have much less blood rushing to it, which decreases the overall length and girth of your penis. Ever hear the joke, "men don’t have enough blood in their body to control both of their heads"? Well...when taking Adderall that sometimes is the case.

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