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friendship :(


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I have a friend who is everything to me.

But she was never affectionate like me,

she was always cold. We had several fights,

but the later were two months without conversation.

For me, we never would talk but she called me. She

apologized for everything, said she misses me. My heart

tells me to give her another chance, but I'm afraid to

disappoint me again. I have no mood to call her by a nickname, or other things.

This would be the twenty chance that I give to her. Help me, what do I do?

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I had conversations like this with her, but she just looks cool for two days and then back to cold. She says I have to like her the way she is, but at the same time she wants me to change my ways. Not fair, you know?

I suffered a lot with friends, I thought it would be different with her but it looks like it will be just another stranger to collection :c

I want to get away from it all, just feel at peace away from her. But if I do that I'll hurt her. I do not know why I even care if I hurt her 'cause she hurt me several times, but I'm so stupid. I do not know if I should think only about me, or if I should be a good friend and not give it up.

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Maybe it helps too to know that all of us relate differently and we may have different needs in relationships. Dynamics can be complicated, but I agree that discussing your expectations and needs with her is a good idea. The key with so much in life is balance. Hopefully the two of you can find a way to attain a healthy balance that works for both of you.

Take care.

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You can start out as just casual friends. you don't have to jump straight into being close friends again. Just don't get to close to her intil you feel you can trust her again. I always think if you can expect the worse from someone then you will not be that much disappointed or you will be surprised. I try not to keep my hopes up about much because I hate be left let down. You could tell her how you feel. xx

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