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How do you feel when someone tells you to get over yourself?


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I'm not tall enough to get over myself, so I usually ignore input of that sort.

How anyone can think it's helpful? I'm not sure how that person thinks, but I think that a recommendation like that comes more from frustration or a lack of understanding, in other words, from the speaker's problems rather than the listener's.

Now, if you have a particular statement in mind that was made here, feel free to report it, and the moderators will take a look.

In life, though, a fair fraction of the people you meet won't be helpful. Somehow, we all have to deal with that reality.

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No, I didn't. This same mother fucker constantly made posts here telling others to get over it. Insulted them a few times because of how the felt. I wasn't going to mention their name, but fuck it. It's the user AmericanPsycho. For all I am concerned they can go fuck themselves with the wrong end of a rake.

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