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So there's no way to enlarge my penis?


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I've been thinking about it a lot. And while there are success of stories of jelqing, surgery, there are tons of horror stories. There is no way to tell the probability of success. No stats to relay on? No scientific articles?

I'm desperate. Knowing that possibly I have to live like this is frightening. I'm smaller then most here and they can't even find anyone.

Honestly at this point I am willing to risk it, if I damage my penis for good so be it. I have nothing to lose, and if I damage then I won't feel anything, awesome since I I don't have to pay for chemical castraion. But I don't won't to put myself in harms way just on faith. I'd like to think I have a decent shot, but at this point it's just a shot in the dark.

My point and question:

Has there any decent scientific investigation on enlargement I can read about? Thanks...

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And maybe if it were only your penis you were risking, you'd have a point.

But a lifetime of physical pain and medical bills might not be an improvement.

There is no medically approved penis enlargement procedure. There would be a great deal of money to be made if there were.

I take that to suggest that if there have been any scientific studies, they're probably more on the horror story side.

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