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i need help


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i was just googling some virtual place to talk about my problem and i found this site.

maybe i should put this topic in relationship problems, but i'm not sure if it is really a RELATIONSHIP problem, because there has never been a relationship between us. the problem is that i have a male friend that nothing have ever occured between us, he is a friend and he always was a friend. he never said "i love you" and thing like this to me. but i'm awefully in love with him. since i understood he would never fall for me, i tried to forget him but i coulden't. then i tried to be just a friend but again i couldn't, after 3 years of friendship i finally told him how i felt about him, but he politely apologized and told me that he couldn't be with me for a reason that was acceptable for me. but i could just be away from him for 2 month and every moments of that two month i was thinking about him and couldn't firget him. and last week i again texted him and tolm him that i need you to be my friend as the past and he accepted.. but now again i'm seeing that this frienship really bothers me. i don't know what to do. i can't forget him and can't be with him. this influenced my life , now a days i'm really depressed, i can't be in a relationship with anyone, i do not fall in love, my self-confidence is ruined because of his ignorance, i don't know what to di, and i thnk i'm in an urgent need of help.

i thoght it would help to write here and see otherones advices about this.

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Well, it's about the interaction between you and someone you know, so I'd say it's about relationships. The modern tendency to narrow the word "relationship" to mean "romantic involvement" leaves us with no good words for other interactions.

It's always difficult when we find ourselves caring about someone who doesn't return our feelings. It does happen to everybody, at some point in their lives, usually when they're first trying out romantic relationships. In some ways, it's like a trial run: you get a chance to get to know someone you're attracted to, decide what you like about them, think about what a romance would be like. But, you can't force someone into loving you, and in some ways, sticking with someone who doesn't return your feelings is a way of hiding from other people who might.

You can try to stay friends with him, but it's important that you continue to try to make other friends. You will find someone who cares about you, out there.

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