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Not doing well tonight.


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What I usually hear when people talk to me about suicide is precisely what you said: "I don't want this life any more." Not life, this life. And usually at that time, it seems to them like this life is the only one. But being able to say this life instead of life, you can begin to engage yourself in identifying what parts of this life you'd want to change. We usually magnify the things that are bothering us so much that we neglect all the parts of life that don't need changing. Quite often, there are really only one or two problems, though they may be quite complex and pervasive. But what you've accomplished is a shift in point of view, from underdog to someone with a plan.

I'm sorry you're struggling, Livvy. Death is always easier to reach. It's life that needs us to embrace it.

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I remember being in hospital myself for long - ok maybe way too long periods of time. Some days were easier than others, but all bought about a new set of moments to try and cope with, not easy when yer barely coping with whats going on for you personally, let alone the environment of actually being in hospital, with others problems affecting yer own.

Try stay strong and remind yourself that you can, and will get through this, hopefully coming through the other side a stronger person with new coping skills to help see you through to happier times.

Coz although it may not feel to you that things could ever get better - they can, and eventually do :)

Stay strong Pet Person, you can get through these times hun, seriously. And know that your friends here are thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon

Take care

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