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Btw I've been doing stretching excercises on and off for months and seems to be working a little bit without any damage or anything. Nothing too crazy. Just a little in the shower here and there. I could barely hit 4.5 now I'm getting close to 5. If it lasts long term who knows but so far it seems like a legit gain. Not that it matters girth is exactly the same though. ..... :-/

Even put of a little weight so it's not like I dropped 50 lbs or anything. Funny thing is even though the measurement is a bit different my penis looks exactly the same. Small.

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While it's on my mind my mother mentioned once that she drank or smoked. Whatever one of the two. Maybe both. Not sure how often but I'm going to be that had an effect on my development. It was so quick of a comment in going to have to ask her again.

If that's the case I'm betting it made a difference. I don't see how it couldn't have. Where the hell would I find out if it would have. Endocrinologist right?

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smoking can effect birth weight

drinking can cause some defects

i dont think there is any clinical evidence that either damages genital development specifically.

penile malformation or undersize isssues are down to genes, environmental toxins in utero or a combo of both.

But the toxins implicated are hormones in products or food chains- not drink or smoking.

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So you've got erect gains just from stretches?

Yea I mean that's what it seems like. Almost .5. It's something. Helps if I have a really good erection. I don't think it's anything else really. Almost 100% sure it's from stretchin out my dick. If I wanted I get nuts I'm sure I could drop my body fat down to 6% and get surgery to move some skin around and get it around 5.5. Bone pressed that seems like where it it. But it's so unrealistic for me to actually have it and be able to use it. Wouldn't make really any difference. Even if I had an extra inch inside the vagina is going to do nothing. I need girth. 4.5 is fine in my opinion for me if only I had some decent girth.

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