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I did see this movie...it was as good as if not better than "My Penis and I" and "My Penis and Everyone Else's". Patrick Moote's "proposal fail" video went viral on You Tube. The whole world knew then he had a small penis. Moote goes on a world wide quest to get his penis enlarged by any means necessary but as we all know...it's an exercise in futility. I laughed, cried, got angry, cringed, and cheered. The movie has a happy ending which I will not disclose. I recommend that you guys thinking of PE see this movie. I think it is on Showtime movie channel at this time.

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No I don't think so...my cable company xfinity(Comcast)allows access to movies online via Hulu. (www.hulu.com)we have several movie channels here in the states...HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz etc. I don't know if any of the UK cable companies have the same or similar channels. Currently Unhung Hero is playing on Showtime and on Hulu here in the States. You might try googleing "unhung hero online free" and see what you come up with. It's worth the search.

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well that sounds to me like he was simply making a joke- I wouldnt take that as an earnest admission he has a tiny penis.

But Lawrence IS my hero… he's shown his size on telly AND he's married to a lovely girl.

And he did this despite peer bullying about his size at school, some really cruel acts by women in his life and some pretty harsh size queen comments in his documentaries.

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