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Size doesn't matter, but size of people's attitudes does


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I gave up trying to come to grips with having a small dick and all that it entails. If this article helps anyone then good. They're all empty words to me.

It's all been said before but it seems the vast majority of the inhabitants of this planet ignore what is being said. It's only getting worse. The perversion and smut being peddled by pornographers and main stream media has poisoned entire generations of men. Article follows:

By: Chandra Niklewski

Thanks to a crude comment by Mike Remillard, former coach of the Leavitt Area High School boys' basketball team in Maine, a group of young men have been given the idea that the size of their penis has something to do with whether or not they're winners.

The concern about penis size is important, not because size matters, but because the emotional health of a man does matter.

A man who feels he's large may seem arrogant in bed, while a man who believes he has a small penis may act shy or nervous or feel he can't please his partner.

Any person who focuses on penis size isn't worth the time of day. The same goes for those who only care about a woman's breast size.

Since you can have sex in your shirts, but not in your pants, we'll stick with the penis discussion for now.

Remillard told his players during halftime that the game they were playing was really about whose penises were larger, according to First Coast News out of Jacksonville, Fla.

Thank goodness his ridiculous belief has no basis in truth or a lot of women would miss out on some great sex with their average-sized guys.

Petra Boynton, psychologist, wrote about the subject in her column on the Web site, Mansized.

She said studies have shown the 'average' penis is 5 to 7 inches in length and 4 inches in girth when erect and a non-erect penis measures 2 to 4 inches long.

However, she also says these figures are most likely a full inch off because of a poor subject sampling. Men who were measured knew what the study was for so men were more likely to comply if they believed they had a good sized penis.

Men who were smaller stayed away from the research because of unfounded embarrassment and that, unfortunately, skewed the measurements toward the larger numbers.

With so many penis enlargement commercials filling the airwaves lately, it's no wonder men can be distracted and led astray by ignorant comments from men like Remillard.

The scariest part of Remillard's story was when he told reporters his comment was normal for locker rooms across the country.

How many young men feel inadequate for no reason except for the misinformation they've been exposed to by men they admired?

On netdoctor.co.uk, Dr. David Delvin, general practitioner, and Christine Webber, psychotherapist, warn women about making comments about a man's penis, even as a joke.

"We have actually known men who suffered from impotence after someone had made an unthinking remark about their dimensions," the pair wrote on their Web site.

Most sources give the same advice to help a guy feel better about his penis in case the measurement data isn't good enough.

First, remember that you're looking down when you're looking at your penis. This view makes it look smaller than it is. Try looking sideways in a mirror. That should give you a more accurate idea of your size.

Also, some men find that trimming pubic hair helps to make their penis appear longer.

And race, age, and sexuality have nothing to do with size despite myths to the contrary.

But in the end, you have to be comfortable with the person you are and with what you can do to show your partner how much you care about them.

I won't get into exactly how many penises I've been acquainted with, but they definitely come in all shapes and sizes.

Of all the good and bad sexual experiences I've had, none of them had anything to do with the size of the penis. Well, that's not true. There was one experience that was already on the list of worst experiences before his penis had a chance to do anything, and it was so large, and he was so bad at remembering I was there, too, that it was painful.

Some of them fill and some tickle and some hit just that right spot, but they all have their talents and they all are just one part of a whole man.

Find your significant other today. Tell him you love him and tell him why. If the word 'penis' comes up in that conversation, you don't deserve him.

And if you're sexually active later, then go ahead and tell him what you love about him physically. If the word 'penis' doesn't come up, then you don't deserve him, either.

Maybe he'll just blow it off and say he's a guy and he's tough, but he has feelings, too, and it's up to the people who love him to destroy the myths put into their heads by ignorant people like Remillard that the penis makes the man.

When that man is loving you and looking into your eyes, you won't think it's too big or it's too small. You'll know it's just right.

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It seems a shame that access to sex is such a strong drive in younger men. (Yes, I know this statement sounds stupid and strange)

Younger guys will let themselves be ordered about and 'kowtowel' and defer to their girlfriends and wives just to maybe.....if they're lucky have sex that night. I think if guys could just turn their sex drive off for a while there wouldn't be so much ordering about and "honey do" lists wrote up.

Just once, when I was (much) younger I remember my wife making a laughing threat about 'cutting me off'. This wasn't a heated moment or anything, but it really honked me off something horrible. I looked her in the eyes and said "Lets meet back here in a year and see how that worked out for you." When a couple months passed, our house was like a television sitcom. She wore 'cute' little outfits she knew I liked. She would set it up so's I walked in on her when she was getting out of the shower or changing clothes in our bedroom. I sincerely doubt she was really......um......horney or missing my body, but she emotionally was missing me pursuing her.

We both learned important lessons during that time. But she really calmed down on the snapping orders and coming up with things for me to do.

I hate the fact that Christy Ally and a lot of other ladies think they are owed warnings, or that they 'call the tunes' that men dance to. I think if no man gave her a second look sexually for a year or two (and I mean NO male), she might lower her demands and get down off her high horse a little.

Since I had to stop having sex, me and my wife have a completely different relationship. When I cook supper, get her a cold Coke or rub her shoulders I do so because I still love her. I want to, not because I'm trying to keep her buttered up or in a good mood. She knows if I don't want to do something I have no problem giving her a flat no. She might get a little huffy, but she has nothing to hold over me now.

Go back up and reread my first sentence. Women can act like Christy because we men give them that power. We're ruled by testosterone. If we, every one of us males could say "Yeah, lets meet back here in a year and see how that works out for you" the relationship world would be a very different place.

Hope this doesn't wander off the point of the thread too much.

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Well you both make great points - I appreciate that.

Though Im bound to point out she's way nicer than a lot of other women on the topic… AND … she claimed she would be willing to sleep with a small guy.

Even if she's pretending, just to appear less shallow, its still quite a rare claim.

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Well you both make great points - I appreciate that.

Though Im bound to point out she's way nicer than a lot of other women on the topic… AND … she claimed she would be willing to sleep with a small guy.

Even if she's pretending, just to appear less shallow, its still quite a rare claim.

Jessie, her saying she'd be willing to sleep with a small guy sounds extremely condescending to me. I'm not giving her the benefit of the doubt on this, especially with her saying she deserves a 'warning'. GMAB!

Please be respectful. Nobody should be referred to as a 'skank'.

John, I completely agree with what you have said there.

Thanks! :) I've been through a personal hell with many years afterward to think about this.

I really think has-beens like Ms Alley are starved for attention so lacking any other offering to our culture they take cheap shots at men's dick size. I really could care a less what she or one other character like her on this thread thinks.

Gotta agree. When a washed up ex-star hasn't seen their name in the press for a while, they've got to get something controversial out there to stir up some publicity. Nothing's safer or funnier than making a disparaging remark about small ones. She's had her bad times in the press with her weight battle. I guess she wanted something to say that no 'reasonable' person could disagree with.

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