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i eat all day


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i basicly eat alot threw out my day so much food

im 350 pounds i want it to stop here

there this girl i fell in love with last year we talked threw facebook

met up and she dumped me cause im to fat

i dont know to stop eating its a problem

i just wanna lose 100 pounds so bad but im so lazy i used to play

football now all i do is lay on a bed 24/7

my penis basicly dosnt get hard as it used to now

its starting to effect my depression to

i also have really really big man boobs

i might as well just kill myself i dont ever see me losing weight

im done with all this im 21 only banged one girl

im a fucking loser is there anything i can do to make me wanna live


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Hello, BU, welcome :)

I'm sorry you're in such a difficult situation. It's indeed a hard work to loose so much weight, but it's not impossible. You might find stories of people who succeeded for an inspiration. And you'll need a physician or another professional to help you as it's important to follow the right rules when loosing weight - you can't just starve and exercise, for instance. Somebody reliable with a good know-how would be a big help and support.

Overeating has some function in your life, it gives something positive to you, so it's hard to stop - as with any addiction. For succeeding, you need to identify all the functions it has in your life and then substitute it by something healthy that would fulfil the same functions. I know it's much easier said than done. But I also know many people were able to do it. (Have you already seen some books of webpages of such success-stories?) Sometimes it requires also some psychological help, not just nutritional counselling. As you're even contemplating suicide, perhaps that kind of help would be a good option for you, too...

You asked:

is there anything i can do to make me wanna live again

I know that feeling of not wanting to live anymore, I really do. But I can also guarantee you that you do want to live - the real aim/wish you have is not suicide/death, it's a different life. And the different life is accessible, but changes need some efforts and some help. I hope you'll find somebody who'll help you and support you on your journey to a better life...

Take care!

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I'm going through the same :( Only difference is that I do not feel hungry, but I'm in obesity since I was seven. It's hard to see one chance of a better life to me, always. But I don't wanna give up, I will fight for a surgery. I hope I'll get. Do you ever read something about "obesity surgeries" ? Sorry for my english, I'm not american. I hope you feel better! ;)

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I have the same problem too I went as far as starting to make myself throw up but that solves nothing because it won't cause you to lose weight. It starts with finding something to do with your extra time other then playing video games or watching TV. And trust me I know how hard it is to make a change I myself am 250 I was 270 I have been taking it day to day watching what I eat more and understanding more of what that does to your body especially when or if you do little to no exercise. Again it is a lot of hard work on your part but weight is something you can change. Don't you dare give up on this world because you are overweight half of America is overweight. Don't let that weight kill you, it is not impossible just start with a 10 min walk a day even if there is snow out just try it. I promise after the walk you will even feel better exercise helps deal with stress too. Another thing that might help is get the TV and any other lap top or Xbox out of your room, have a TV only in the living room or something so you CAN'T lay in bed all day you see what I mean? Find the motivation in your heart, I know you are worth your own effort you got to see that too, I know it's hard...

Take care my friend :)

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