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What to do when you are food drunk?


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It sounds like you are talking about binge eating. I do not have that problem, but I have a binge drinking problem which is probably quite similar. Similar enough that you used the word "drunk" as a way to describe the feeling you've gotten from binge eating - the word normally used to describe alcohol intoxication.

IMHO there is no quick way out. When we use addictive behaviors, whether through drugs or food or gambling or sex or whatever, we want to feel better and feel it right now. Then when the hangover or crash or whatever painful consequence comes, we want to escape that immediately. One option would be to return to the self destructive behavior or substitute a new one, but that only prolongs our suffering. I think of it as an emotional credit card. I can feel better now and pay later, but when I do pay it's with interest. The interest goes up the longer I put it off.

The only way I've found that returns me to my normal condition is to accept that I've got to reap what I've sown, and then set about taking better care of myself going forward. The ways to do this would fill (and have filled) many books. However in the short term, if you know how to take good care of yourself, do that. Drink a lot of water. Get some mild exercise and have a good rest if you can. The sooner you deal with the underlying issue that caused the depression, the sooner you can get relief without turning to a destructive behavior to temporarily feel better at the expense of adding to your problems in the long run.

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Hey there,

Look i've had to deal with this same issue for years i'm 32 now so it's been a while.. Like you I used to think so hard as to will it ti grow every night before bed and the next morning nothing. I had issues changing in the boy's locker room in high school cus kids are mean but teenagers are brutal. Now here's where we're different... I'm a gay man. Yes I have had sex with women a few actually before I came out and none of them ever complained. We would both orgasm and it was all good. When I finally did come out I met up with 2 of the girls I had sex with and I asked them if I actually did please them in bed and they both had nothing but good things to say. One of them even said it was the best they've ever had. The thing I realized when I came out is that women tend to br more open and honest about their sex lives with me and when they said what they said (that the sex was great) I really did take it as the truth. So getting to my point I have a few close friends that are women and we talk openly about our sex lives. One friend's bf has a similar problem. He even went as far a measuring himself in front of her to show her what he was talking about.

She doesn't give a rat's arse she loves the sex they have and she can't get enough of it. She's had bigger and they weren't as good she's had the same size as her bf and still it wasn't as good. It's what and how he does it that gets her off. Look this girl has been around and has had a variety of penises of different shapes sizes and color and she sticks to her guns her bf is one of the only guys that's made her get off and his penis is 4.5 inches long and 4 inches thick. They've been having similar issues and he has broken the relationship because of that. She can go out and get whoever else she wants with a bigger larger penis. Fact is she wants him. She loves who he is (when the issue of his penis doesn't get in the way) and she loves the sex with him.

Now imagine me who gets with guys with much bigger penises than I do. Yeah I used to feel inadequate and i'd want to run and hide. But I got over it cus if I'm going to be judged solely on my appearance then f*** them. But the fact is I have been told about my performance and so far so good. Focus on that if you want to focus on your penis it's how you use it. A guy who's not that big and can use it is great a guy who's massive and depends solely on his size and doesn't make an effort to perform cus he's convinced that his size will do it all that's really worthlessness

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