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New here just wanted to share my story


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Hi all. Cool forum! just wanted to share my intro story (it may be a little strong if you are sensitive to size topics)

So I am a 34 year old man with a 4 inch penis erect and I can honestly say this has ruined my life to the point where I have actually contemplated suicide. Some people may think its a trivial problem but no it can really mess with a mans psyche. I really wish I could have at least been average then my life had been a whole lot different I could have bedded many women but because of my problem I have never been with anyone my whole life I am still a virgin! yes I am serious. I have had cute women take an interest in me over the years but I back away I really cannot end up in the bedroom with them naked only for them to point and laugh at me. My first almost sexual experience was when I was 17 dating a girl for 3 months. Things got heated between us and I was laughed at and thrown out the bedroom when she saw the size of my manhood and the following day it was all over high school. I was taunted a lot by everyone. This really crushed my self esteem and I practically became a recluse.

I have considered surgery but even then the inches that could add is only minimal so the risk is not worth it. I understand not all women care so much about size and its about the heart in the man that counts the most blah blah blah but at the end of the day this still f**king sucks.

One other thing I was curious about....there was a recent study done on hand finger corelation in relation to erect penis size. Apparently if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger than your more liable to have a shorter penis which happens to be true in my case is this true with anyone else?

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Well my index finger is shorter a bit so i guess its true in my case, i got a 4 inch penis as well...it ruined my life and lead to major social anxiety, I cant talk to women because i know i can never have sex or any type of relationship with them...so i went the escort way as not having sex was basically driving me insane. Now i'm having empty sex with very hot women for money and its some comfort...but I wish i was normal and didn't have to go this route...dam I'm not going to say its going to get better or to have faith cause i don't believe it will and if there was god he would not do this to people so i don't believe there is. :(

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Barraclough had a similar experience to you.

A girl humiliated him and told his college friends about his size and it devasted him.

However he is now married.

None of us can tell you what the odds are or if you wiil meet a girl that accepts your size

For me to know that the chances are not zero is some comfort.

Yeah it sucks like hell- its the shittiest curse - but life isn't fair, never was, never will be.

Just gotta make the best of it

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Welcome to the community, semikka.

Ideally, I would think, that any of us would want to be with someone who respects and is gentle with our vulnerabilities. Sharing such a private aspect of yourself with another person and then to have that person disparage you publicly is not respectful, from my perspective. If they aren't respecting you about this, there would likely be other ways they will be disrespectful to you. That behavior speaks to their issues. Better to look elsewhere for a person who will respect, accept, and love you as you are.

I have had cute women take an interest in me over the years but I back away

The women were interested so you must have attractive traits, don't you think? I hope you will be open to the possibilities.

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