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Hi everyone.

I'm here tonight to post about what had recently happened, as in just five minutes ago.

I was on the phone with my older sister (she is two years older than me) and I was talking to her about the possibility of me transferring schools. She and I were talking and I was beginning to feel like she wasn't taking me seriously and was just saying things to me me feel like I have no need to go anywhere else. She told me that my mother doesn't take it seriously, either. Then, when I was trying to tell her how I felt and some of the reasons why I feel the need to transfer schools, she told me she had friends coming over to her apartment and had to leave. I tried to tell her I needed her to stay and talk to me, but she just hung up. It really hurt my feelings.

I also was talking about the same thing with my boyfriend. He proceeded to get really angry and tell me that I'm not trying hard enough to make things work and that I've given up before I've even given this current school that I'm at a chance. We ended the night be him dropping me off at where I live and him opening the door for me, only to slam it after I walked through.

I just feel like no one wants me to go anywhere, even though I've told them that I'm not happy here. It really upsets me and I don;t know what I should do. If I stay here, I'll make everyone happy, but then there is also a strong chance that I will regret that decision. if i go, everyone will be disappointed in me, making me unhappy. Either way I decide, I feel like I lose.

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No one knows what is best for you other then you. Why do you assume that there happiness is based around you? The only person you can truly make happy is yourself, don't let anyone hold you down. If you feel like it's what is best for you do what you need to do worry about other after worrying first about yourself. People will be unhappy regardless of your presence that is up to them to be happy but don't stay for them if you do you will only end up resenting them for it. Also who cares about if they are disappointed you could be doing worse. College is the time to worry about yourself... wouldn't they be more disappointed if you flunked every class?

I am listening... :)

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