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As I write this my mother is in a police cell. Need serious advice.

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Hello. I am a 22 year old man-child living at home with my mother and little sister who is 12.

After finally kicking my dad out after 20 years of emotional trauma and some physical violence, my mother is now losing her mind to drink and fear. It's like she's got PTSD.

She is becoming more and more erratic and has been arrested by the police 3 times in the last 3 months for harassing her friends.

All she can do is blame her worries on her friends who she argues with more and more intensely each month.

She only drinks about once a week when the stress is too much to bear, but even when she's sober she worries herself into a frenzy, then gets drunk to relieve the pain, and calls all her friends to argue. If I take her phone off her while in this state she becomes a demon and will physically fight me to get what she wants.

I love her, but I'm becoming very aggressive and emotional myself, and I've given up consoling her - I'm starting to hate her presence.

I'd leave home, but I must look after my sister at all costs. I'm on the verge of getting my mother sectioned.

She goes to AA and has therapy ever week which I started attending with her, it doesn't help.

She does NOT have the willpower for self-help, and she does not believe in medication.

She was arrested a few hours ago for more drunken madness. It will never end unless I take drastic action.

I don't know what to do.

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IveHad, welcome to our community. You show a great deal of perspective on this painful situation, kudos to that! What a very tough situation :(

I'm not sure what you mean by mean by drastic action...? I can totally appreciate that things feel desperate :(

Are there any services your family is eligible for? Can you recieve social work or counseling, can your mother get help from psychiatric medication for a while? Do you have a family doctor?

I admire your efforts to reach out to get help for this situation, that is a sign of mental health in my view!

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