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Revisiting Past Relationships


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Hi Guys,

Newbie here,

Found this site while browsing for my other problems, and thought you guys may give me some advice about old relationships.

So, 1993, we were best friends, I loved her and she loved me, I gave her everything, and I assume she gave me the same, everybody around us thought we were a couple, and they could not understand when we told them we were not a couple, just friends, we were so touchy and kissy (not full on snogging but lots of pecking kisses) with each other, Parents and friends did not understand the way we were.

The only thing left was sex, we wanted too but knew it would have possibly destroyed our best friend relationship,,,,, honestly, We wanted to s**g each other senseless. So I finished it, not to her face but by using a letter, I was not brave enough to tell her face to face, Yeah I know, I am an idiot...... We were lying on her bed cuddled up, she was saying she had to go for a bath before bed and it was late and I was saying it was time for me to go home anyway, and she told me she wanted to rape me, I said I know,,,,what a F**king 5 star idiot I am, so I left, waited 10 mins and put a "dear john" letter through her door.

Over the years I have seen her about, how are you etc, friendly enough, So I have not seen her for for the last 7 years and just before Christmas she popped into my head, actually everybody of the time we were together popped into my head, many friends that were around us at the time. And I cannot get her out of my head, I miss her so much, every damn song on the radio reminds me of the time we had.

Thinking on it now, she was the only one I truly loved, An unconditional love, even though since her, I have been married, kids etc.

So Guys, do I contact her, she's not on Facebook or anything like that, and I don't want to turn up at her door unannounced, so should I send a Hiya letter how are you etc, mention she popped into my head and how I miss her and see where it goes, should I mention how stupid I was giving her the "Dear John" letter, how I regret every Goddamn second, that she had to read that letter.

I suppose I am hopping she will be pleased to hear from me, or she may tell me to piss off or not reply at all, at least I would know either way.;.....and maybe I can finally put this out of my head.

Cheers for listen, feel better already lol,,,,,


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Hi Jeep,

Yeah I know how lucky I was to have her, as soon as I put that letter through her door, I was ill, I knew that was the biggest mistake of my life, friends could not believe what I had done, she was a drug and I could not get enough of her, I would leave her house at 11pm and my chest hurt all the way home, when I got home, we would chat on the CB Radio for an hour or until she fell asleep and I would be fine until I saw her the next day after work. Most of our friends from that time, believed, we were together for ever.

It's been 20 years and I still remember her mother,,, told her ,,, if you don't marry him, I will,,,we burst into laughter and that's when her parents found out, we were not a couple but just best friends, I never done anything to deserve the attention of her mother but she would have been very happy to have me as a SIL.

Yep, she always told me, that ex's were never part of her life, so that's why I am unsure of trying to contact her, even if it's a ,,,yeah I am fine, now piss off,,,I would be happy with that,,,and to be able to see other friends from that time would be a big bonus. It took me 20 mins to write my OP but it took me 3 days to write 17 lines in a letter to her, a letter that I have not posted yet,,,,,,,

I was trying to find friends from that time so I could meet her in a round about way but so far I have been unable to find those old friends, I know were 1 is but again, I have to appear at his door unannounced, and I don't know what kind of reception I will receive.....Yeah think I will post the letter

Thanks Jeep, you made my mind up for me,,,lol,,,so it's your fault if I fall flat on my face,,,lmao

And don't worry about my ex, she is happy in her own wee mad world, and the kids 16 an 18 live with me.....and the stick "No way...Jose",,,that's why she is an ex,,,,,:)



I will post what results I get from the letter............................................

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Hi Guys,,,,,,,

Just a short update,,,,,,

I never sent the letter, I sent a Xmas Card with my contact details,,,,it's now up to her if she wants to contact me,,,,,,,

And I managed to find another friend from that time,,,,and I will be with him tonight celebrating the ding dong's,,,,lmao

Guys,,,,have a Happy New Year,,,,and please be SAFE,,,,,,,,,,

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