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Bringing separate selves together


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In therapy I'm trying to bring the parts of myself together. T says I had to repress the different ages of myself due to trauma. I can't imagine or accept myself as a two-yr old, 6 year old, etc.

When I drew a picture of myself at different ages all in one picture, I took it to therapy, but it's caused me to have really terrible anxiety, like a carrot-grater rubbing on my nerves. I can't stand to look at the pictures of me at 2 and 6, etc. Do any of you have this problem, and why do I feel such anxiety about it?

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Possibly those parts of you were deeply hurt and traumatized in the past? To look at them might also mean revisiting your pain. I can understand why that could bring up feelings of anxiety. :( Are you able to listen to the part of you who can't look at you at age 2 and 6? Maybe it helps to know what her needs are first.

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