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Someone made a sub reddit in my name


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Called ___'s autism. First post was talk about ____' tiny dick. I know its just dumb luck. But it's spelled exactly how I spell my name, and my name isn't common. Makes me depressed. Seriously, it couldn't have been john doe's tiny dick? No it's has to be my rare Irish name, spelled the same way (which isn't normal, but not entirely rare). One person on reddit knows my name, but it could have been that person, because they were so nice.... Fuck

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This is sort of a paranoid area which I am quite familiar with I hope this helps. Coincidences do happen all the time don't start making connections that are going to upset you, we make little assumptions all the time right? Little cognitive distortions and connections, I think the brain is set up to cut corners like that, but if it is going to upset you hold off, wait for more evidence.

Some alternative explanations:

-The person may not be aware that your name is a legitimate name if it is so rare, they may have thought they made it up.

-It may have a meaning or be a reference to something you are not aware of, they may have joined two other words together there could be any number of explanations.

-Reddit is a big site isn't it? There may be another dvnj22 being trolled by another person who knows his name.

Worst case scenario if what you think is happening is happening is it going to hurt you? If you are not in the right place to deal with this right now, how about you forget the whole thing for a week or two and just see what happens?

I don't much about handling trolls, but I expect not reacting might be a good course of action.

It's not causing me a lot of distress because the site is ridiculous - my penis is only 000.1 of a fraction, stupid stuff like that. It's kind of funny, but I just thinks it weird because its my name.

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