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Need help identifying problem


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When i make a mistake infront of others i feel bad and it occupies my mind alot.

I also make them more often and on small things aswell that i normaly dont have

a problem with.

I was going to pay for some beer and i made a silly mistake and i kept it with me

a few days.

It was a girl i have talked to a bit. I felt repulsed by the idea of dating her but i still

wanted to confront it for some reason so i asked her out. the message was something


Hey how are you still singel if you want to drink coffe with me just ask i feel restless.

Realy half assed but i dont realy care about her its this feeling that i need to understand better

i think i will feel a tremendous relief if i can get to the core of this since its affecting my mental


Any help would be appreciated

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