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My story, striped all confidence


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Idk where to start so here it goes.. I was voted most attractive my senior year high school which had around 4k students in the whole school..in my younger days I dated pretty cheerleaders and "good girl" when I started having sex with them I noticed they would loose interest and want somebody else.. Well now I'm 21 and those "good girls" won't even give me a chance and I believe it's because I lowered my standards hoping that if I didn't go after the "model type" that she wouldn't care about my 5 in penis and I could be happy with someone and same for them..I guess I've ruined my name OR they just don't care about me cause my size.. I'm not happy.. When I had a gf and we had sex a lot and she was tight I was a totally different person I was happy.. I was her first and after we broke up and she started hooking up with other guys she never gave me another chance, and it hurt..But since then girls have sex with me and move on.. I can pretend like I have confidence but I really don't.. And since I have always been attracted to pretty woman I don't think I will ever find happiness and a relationship with the girl of my dreams because any pretty girl can get a handsome guy why fall for me? And I ain't a Prince Charming I'm kind of sweet kind and kind of rough at the same time.. I've only had one girl that actually would pop up outta the blue from time to time and say how she would never forget me and all the great times we've had and how I was gonna make a great "hubby" someday.. But all we ever were was sex buddies and we would do stuff like go 4wheelin, ride around the mtns in my truck, drinkin beers, hang out at my cousins with his family around the fire and cookout..I would go help her with stuff at her apartment..I protected her from her ex.. But now she's dating a black guy (only reason I point that out is cause ya know what they say about black guys) well he's mixed(white and black) he's a cool dude (I'm not racist) BUT the point of all this is I'm miserable and don't think a all around pretty girl (personality,looks,morals) will ever want to be with me long term..

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Welcome to the community, SouthernBoy.

Have you ever tried forming friendships with women? I believe that some of the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of friendship. Even if the relationships don't develop any further, friendships are wonderful to have and may help build your confidence around women. What do you enjoy? Any hobbies or interests? If you are being yourself and enjoying life, I think many women would find this attractive.

Good luck, SB, and take care.

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